Walking Dead shooter adds subtitle

Activision's shooter rebranded as The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts; coming to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in 2013 from Terminal Reality.


Activision's The Walking Dead first-person shooter has a new name. A post on AMC's website reveals the project has added a subtitle, becoming The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts.

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The game was announced in July and is based on AMC's The Walking Dead TV series. Survival Instincts will be set in rural Georgia and focus on brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon. Players will be able to choose whether to confront the undead head-on or attempt to avoid detection.

Survival Instincts is currently in development at Terminal Reality. That studio's previous credits include Atari's Ghostbusters: The Video Game, as well as Majesco's BloodRayne and BloodRayne 2. The company's most recent release was Kinect Star Wars.

Survival Instincts is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Avatar image for DiverseGamer

I started getting worried when I saw this:

"The company's most recent release was Kinect Star Wars."

Avatar image for tgwolf

...Yup, the subtitle is a disclaimer to the effect that if you miss any of the 'action' in the show you can just play the game, and if you get drowsy because you are just bored with the game, you can watch the show and not miss out on any of the excitement, since both are about as interactive and engaging, as it happens.

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

Please don't ruin the Walking Dead. I know that is what you love to do with things but, please leave this one out.

If a first person game is to be made it can't be a zombie shooter out for action. It needs to be survival oriented and a slower pace. Anyone that has read the comics would know it needs to be this way to be true to the original foundation of the Walking Dead. It isn't the same generic zombie show and comics, it focuses on the survival and life of the people that are still around. It isn't about them going out and slaying zombies for gore fans, it is about the struggle these people face in the world they were forced into.

"The company's most recent release was Kinect Star Wars."

That leaves me with little hope but, I can still hope that Activision won't entirely ruin this.

Avatar image for drknessfeeds

Call of Duty: The Walking Dead....they just replaed the human enemies with zombies.

Avatar image for jamesbond2198

Look at telltale games they made a lot of crappy games like back to the future and Jurassic Park but look at the walking dead game that they made its simply amazing. I don't think we should judge the company on games they have made before at all.

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

@jamesbond2198 Telltale has made many great games in the past. The Back to the Future and Jurassic Park games aren't fair representations of what they had done before those. People also aren't into the adventure genre the way it was in the 90s.

Avatar image for AlexFili

So hyped for this. Should be a lot of fun.

Avatar image for Fastphase1

I find it troubling that you folks focus on the fact that Terminal Reality made Star Wars Kinect. I mean, while it looked absolutley awful, the studio had made a licence game that was true to the IP: Ghostbusters: The Video Game. If we look to the past we find that TR made Monster Truck Madness for the PC and was behind that franchice pretty much to the end. Don't juge Terminal Reality because of Star Wars Kinect. Instead, take a look what they have done in the past.

Avatar image for Hurvl

Based on their resume I'm not impressed, but it's good that gamers who aren't into episodical adventure games, but still like the Walking Dead can get an alternative. I like the TV-series, haven't read the comics (What? They're better? Never heard that one before!) or played the praised adventure game version, but I like shooters better than adventure games, so this might be fun. That you can try to stealth your way through is also nice.

Avatar image for Stormbringer91

Unfortunately, terminal reality doesn't really produce the highest caliber of games.

Avatar image for Ultra_Taco

It had better be more of a survival horror than an FPS....

Avatar image for advocacy

I'm hoping this will be good, but until I see actual gameplay it seems that this will be just another mediocre cash cow.

Avatar image for splinter10

If this was being made by a serious dev. I'd be interested.

Avatar image for Henninger

I'm a zombie fanatic so i'll keep my on eye on it. I wanna c gameplay of this first. & then i'll read the reviews from multiple sites to c if its worth getting. But i hope this is @ least decent.

Avatar image for DarthLod

I'd MUCH rather have a Bloodrayne 3.....

Avatar image for Ovirew

I remember they showed footage of this during commercials either last week or the week before. It was funny because it looked like it was COD, with The Walking Dead slapped onto it.

Avatar image for Kingfish1982

So basically it's true survival horror... great! Maybe Capcom can learn something...

Avatar image for Psycold

I bet they use the old COD engine again

Avatar image for SolidTy

Looks like the typical IP cash grab coming soon from Activision.

Avatar image for sora123455

I was really excited for this........ until I found out it is being made by the people that made KINECT STAR WARS. They'll probably just take the series and wipe their ass with it. Pass.

Avatar image for Kingfish1982

@sora123455 Actually the Ghostbusters game got mostly high marks, don't judge a company by one product.

Avatar image for sora123455

@Kingfish1982 which one? if it's the 3rd person one, then good. if it's the top down one, then HELL NAW

Avatar image for BuBsay

"Activision.... First Person Shooter"

For a character drama? Ya no I'll pass, I'll stay with the episodic games thank you.

Avatar image for Venom_Raptor

Hope it turns out good.

Avatar image for AvatarMan96

Developers of Kinect Star Wars? Pass

Avatar image for mikeyMKII

Loved Ghostbusters, but I won't hold my breath for this to be good.

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

Why Activision?? it's just going to be COD gameplay like everything else these hacks do.....

Avatar image for ghstbstr


That could be dlc, and it can be called "The Dancing Dead".


Avatar image for SoNin360

This could be hit or miss... will still definitely be trying it out for myself though. I was skeptical about Telltale's episodic series on The Walking Dead, but that is turning out to be great, so I'll be giving this one a chance, though I am a bit worried as to how it will turn out.

Avatar image for ghstbstr

This Walking Dead game could either suck or be great, but either way I am getting it.

Avatar image for vallee05

It has a potential to be great, or will it be rushed and be a movie made game that was made quiokly to cash-cow the franchise...time will tell but I want game footage, will keep my eye out for this.

Avatar image for drknessfeeds



Avatar image for Azujin

I can see it now, Youtube videos of Merle killing black zombies, posted by young white males 14-25 in order to entice people into anger.

Avatar image for Alpr1010

They're gonna butcher the series with this game.

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

The company's CV is so awful I doubt I'll buy this game, despite the fact that I've read all the books, seen the shows and played the telltale games.

Avatar image for JustArtificial

Kinect Star Wars... ****ing brillant... this is down the hole already. As if Activision's name on this thing wasn't enough. I can't even fathom the monstrosity, this thing will turn out to be.

Avatar image for Cappuccin0

I just wish this game to be good. Studio doesn't exactly have a stellar track record, but guess we can give them the benefit of the doubt.

Avatar image for Seifer24

So many zombie games wtf

Avatar image for Cappuccin0

@Seifer24 But so few good ones...

Avatar image for megadeth1117

"The company's most recent release was Kinect Star Wars."

And.....we're done here.

Avatar image for PeterDuck

I dont wanna play as Merle, he is a racist.

Avatar image for EvilShabazz

@PeterDuck It's interesting that they chose to make the game about one of the least likable characters in the entire series. There's absolutely nothing redeemable about Merle Dixon. Darryl's entire story-arc is about leaving that prejudiced, ignorant life behind to become a productive, quality member of the group.

Avatar image for PeterDuck


I had the same feeling while playing the second Call of Juarez game. You DO play as the Southerners killing the yanks there, you know.

Avatar image for diesellion9985

@EvilShabazz @PeterDuck really, i thought daryl and merle are 2 of the most popular characters on the tv series. at least they are for me.

Avatar image for EvilShabazz

Really? I have come to like Darryl, but Merle was a useless, ignorant, racist scumbag and was only in 2-3 episodes (if you include the visions Darryl had). There's no way he is one of the most popular characters of the series.

Avatar image for LegendaryFightz

Could be amazing if done well. Hopefully it will be.

Avatar image for TheMisterCheif

I can understand if RIck is British or southern or both

Avatar image for megadeth1117

@TheMisterCheif Andrew Lincoln is British.

Avatar image for TheMisterCheif


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