Walking Dead Season 3 Won't Arrive in 2015

TellTale says it has something else planned for this year.


The third season of TellTale's The Walking Dead episodic game series will not be released in 2015, its developer has confirmed.

TellTale's director of PR, Job Stauffer, confirmed the news, but added that "what [he is] seeing this week will be, and it is insanely cool."

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TellTale previously said that there may be something new to play in its Walking Dead series before the new season is officially released. It is likely that Stauffer is referring to this in his Tweet.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days was released in the space between the first and second seasons of the game, which means it is possible that TellTale is planning a similar intermediary between season two and three, though this is only speculation.

TellTale is currently working on Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands series, as well as a game based on Minecraft.

Telltale Games and Marvel Games have also announced a partnership, the results of which is due in 2017.

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