Walking Dead Season 10's Horrifying Whisperer War Showcased In New Video

Take a look at Negan teaming with The Whisperers.


Season 10 of The Walking Dead makes its return to AMC on February 23, and thanks to a new video, we're getting a closer look at the upcoming story The Whisperer War. This is the biggest threat to date for these survivors. How do you fight someone that hides among the undead?

The survivors of Oceanside, Alexandria, and Hilltop are under constant threat by a group of survivors that wear the skins of walkers and hide in the shadows. And in the mid-season finale, Alpha and the Whisperers set a trap that Carol and company literally fell right into. To top it all off, Negan is with the Whisperers now. Check out the mid-season trailer below.

In addition to the brief trailer for the second half of the new season, there's a behind-the-scenes featurette showcasing some moments from the final episodes coming out this year. There's a more in-depth look at where some characters are at in the show as well as interviews with them. Also, there's a lot more of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the villainous Negan.

Eight episodes will round out the remainder of Season 10. And while you may be wanting more from these survivors of the apocalypse, there is a new spinoff show on the horizon. Coming this spring is the limited series The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which will focus on the first generation to grow up during the zombie apocalypse. A video introducing the series gave a little bit of insight into the new show. "There have been things going on in The Walking Dead universe since the very start of the story, all happening over all these years," we are told in a video. "In other places we haven't seen. With people we haven't seen. With the dead we haven't seen. But we'll see it all this spring."

In other Walking Dead news, the creator of the Image Comics series, Robert Kirkman, finally revealed what caused the zombie plague, months after the series came to an ending. And it was none other than spores from space, which actually has a connection to George A. Romero's classic film Night of the Living Dead.

Season 10 of The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, February 23.

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