Walking Dead Episode Four out tomorrow

Latest episode "Around Every Corner" for Telltale's zombie series arriving tomorrow for PlayStation Network, October 10 on XBLA, PC.


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Gamers geared up for the next entry in Telltale Games' Walking Dead series won't have to wait long to face more zombies. Episode four, titled "Around Every Corner," will arrive tomorrow in North America on PlayStation Network, and Wednesday for Xbox Live Arcade and PC.

Not an ideal situation.
Not an ideal situation.

It will cost $5 if purchased as a standalone game, and is included as part of the $20 Season Pass option. No release date or pricing information was made available for European regions.

Telltale's Walking Dead is a single-player episodic game based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series. It stars Lee Everett, a man convicted of a crime but given a chance to redeem himself, albeit in a world infested with undead.

The first episode in the season sold over 1 million copies.

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Aside from the first episode, I never knew when each episode came out. Thanks for the heads up, albeit 2 days in advance.

Avatar image for airshocker

Meh, I really do like this game, but the way it runs on PC ruins the immersion for me.

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Avatar image for airshocker

@djpetitte Constant stuttering during the intense sections of the episodes. The one part in episode two where you're behind the tractor? Was skipping through that like it was a slide slow, and I have a really good computer. I5-2500k overclocked, with a GTX 670 and 16GBs of DDR3 RAM.

Avatar image for djpetitte


Huh, that doesnt seem right. I'm playing on a first gen i7 with 8gb of ddr3 and two 5850's and mine runs flawlessly. Its just cell shaded, with very low minimum spec.. some config must be off, becuase you should not see shuttering I dont believe

Avatar image for Batnut92

Oh wow, I definitely did not expect that news while browsing through gamespot this morning. Ugh, work is going to suck cause all I'll be thinking about is this game.

Avatar image for Uruca

Next month for europe.

Avatar image for TookieMix

Dreams do come true!!!!

Avatar image for Coren_Larken

*dances in cubicle*

Avatar image for Renoo27

Yeah man! Didn't expect it this soon.

Avatar image for wyan_

At last! I need my fix!

Avatar image for mrsniper83

Awesome, been waiting for this....cant wait

Avatar image for deactivated-5aaaf6313c856

Can't wait to play it. Too bad I'm traveling and won't be able to play it until 16 October....

Avatar image for abnergoinbig

i really hope it doesnt get delayed again.

Avatar image for DrRockso87

@abnergoinbig Unless Tell-Tale says, "Ha ha just kidding, it's actually coming out in November" within the next 24 hours, I think it's safe to say it's coming tomorrow.

Avatar image for SolidTy

I got Walking Dead Episodes 1 and 2 for free due to PS+. I may check out ep 4 down the road if PS+ offers a deal again, or at least a discount.

Avatar image for Greyfeld

@SolidTy After reading reviews and reading up on the game itself after the first episode released, I put out the $20 for the whole season pass before playing the game itself.

Second best $20 I've ever paid for a video game.

The first was Valkyria Chronicles :P

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"Walking Dead Episode Four out tomorrow."

In response to that above all I got to say is:


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Avatar image for TwinSnakes1989

And just wait for SCEE to screw up again :P

Avatar image for Homeless-_-

Awesome, just finished 3rd one so I can hop right in the next one.

Avatar image for System4Ever

Fantastic news! i can't wait to play it!

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

looks like Im spending 5 bucks tomorrow

Avatar image for Shawn45

Cool, I look forward to playing this on Thursday when the PC version will most likely come out.

Avatar image for Bzilla56

Well, now I have to go get another PS card.

Avatar image for LEGOslayer

Well at least that gives me a day to play X-Com and Dishonored before I have to play this.

Avatar image for emperiox

hey wtf Dishonored comes out tomorrow this is bullcrap!!!!!

Avatar image for DrRockso87

@emperiox Could be worse. I was afraid it would come out October 30th, JUST in time for Halloween (the same day as AssCreed III, Zone of the Enders HD, Okami HD, etc.)

Avatar image for emperiox

@DrRockso87 Well you're a console baby so idc about AC3. Runescape is like a million times better than that game anyways...

Also, on halloween it doesn't take that long to steal candy from all the kids, so i like to think of it as a short hour long break. By the time i'm finished robbing little kids of their candy, my steam client will have updated fully. >;]

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God, I can't wait for this episode. I'm really annoyed though, because it seems that every downloadable content that I want, I always have to wait because I live in the UK. It seems to be a recurring trend for PS3 owners especially, such as myself.

Avatar image for AmnesiaHaze

i hope they dont forget about europe this time like they did with ep.3

Avatar image for GamerOuTLaWz

is that the last episode

Avatar image for Legolas_Katarn

@GamerOuTLaWz No there will be five

Avatar image for GamerOuTLaWz

@Legolas_Katarn okok thx

Avatar image for megadeth1117

Can't f**king wait, I just hope the PS Store doesn't take a millennium to update.