VUG comes clean: 50 Cent's got game

Dr. Dre's protégé hooks up with Vivendi Universal to cash in 50 Cent: Bulletproof; game hits the street in late 2005.


So you've slung crack cocaine, have sold millions of records, have half of suburbia wearing your line of Ecko duds and Reebok kicks, and have been shot nine times. What do you do next? Star in your own video game, of course.

Vivendi Universal has finally made its pact with megastar 50 Cent official and has announced that 50's likeness and voice will be used in the game 50 Cent: Bulletproof. Speculation about the game's existence has been floating since last November, and a trailer for the game premiered earlier this week on The game will be shown at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo on May 18 in Los Angeles. No platform for the game has been announced.

A confident 50 said, "In everything I do, I play to win. I'm out to destroy the competition and my video game is no different." And while most people fantasize about having his life, the rapper, born Curtis Jackson, said, "It's a fantasy version of my life. I plan to shake up the video game world like I did the rap world--I'm pulling no punches with my game."

The game will see 50 play as a vigilante as he weaves through double-crosses, corrupt officials, and sketchy drug dealers, spraying vengeance and bullets along the way. The story was penned by Terry Winter, who also wrote the screenplay for 50's upcoming film, Get Rich or Die Tryin'. If the game's violent trailer is any indication, the game will easily lock down an M-for-Mature rating.

Stay tuned to GameSpot for more information on 50 Cent: Bulletproof.

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