VUDU comes to PS3 Nov. 23

Streaming movie service joins Netflix, Hulu, and Sony's proprietary film hub next week.


No Caption Provided PlayStation 3 owners with an Internet connection already have Netflix, Hulu, MLB.TV, NHL GameCenter, and Sony's PlayStation Store at their fingertips to watch television shows, films, and sporting events. Now, yet another streaming application is set to be unleashed for the PS3 crowd.
PS3 owners will soon have another streaming option.
PS3 owners will soon have another streaming option.

Sony sent word today that VUDU, a video marketplace that allows users to stream movies, will go live on the PS3 on November 23. Unlike Hulu and Netflix for the PS3, VUDU does not require a membership. Instead, if offers streaming access to its films on a per-program basis.

VUDU boasts a title library of over 4,000 films presented in high definition, from "all major Hollywood studios." Two-night rentals start at $2 and ramp up in price to $6, depending on the film and presentation style. Those who sign up for VUDU when it launches next week for the PS3 will be awarded a $6 credit. Additionally, "many" films will be available for purchase or rent the day they are released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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@luna_chanfui what are u talking about I have both Xbox 360 and PS3 and I don't care which gets whats service I just think it's dumb M$ makes u pay for those services while there direct competition lets u get all there service for free. It makes M$ look greedy

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I saw VUDU a few times at Walmart and it looked more like it was some kind of Cable/Satellite provider.... I was mistaken then...

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Wait a minute, wasn't VUDU the bad guy ... cloud... thing in the Xenosaga games?

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@Marky360 What's wrong is sony add service to PSN? sounds funny? You just envy that your plasticky box can't do those things huh..

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Cool. I'll check it out. Never heard of VUDU before..

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@FarmFreshDX This service really competes with PSN Store. Netflix rocks but many of the new releases are Disc only. I checked out VUDUs line up and its really the same as PSN it does offer apps that allow facebook and many other social net and podcast. since there is no membership required those that aren't netflix subs can jump on board with this without a commitment.

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Adding new features never hurts, but what is the sense of this VUDU (which I admittedly have never heard of) when Netflix already has a strangehold on the business?

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@godzillavskong How is Sony Screwing us over they constantly release new updates for the PS3 that add new features and it cost u nothing. M$ on the other hand makes u pay for everything even when u can get more then half of it free elsewhere.

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I know what is needed for the PS3. A more improved Playstation Network.

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Proud with my PS3 console.. Literally a LCD TV + Sound System + PS3 = More than enough..

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@Marky360, So Sony is screwing people over for free? lol. This article sounds good,but for people like Marky who have a issue with Microsofts service, just don't buy into it. That simple. No need to bring negative attention to it on a non-related article.

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I Find it Funny how when Sony adds new services to the Playstation Network it cost the gamer nothing yet M$ claims the reason u got to pay $60 a year for Xboxlive it's because of all the services they have all of which are free to acess everwhere else. looks like M$ just loves screwing ppl over and that they do for free lol

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Yes Freebies!!thank you vudu!!! annd sony tooo

Avatar image for slaves

I love how people B@#%# about Sony never "giving" them anything and then when they do give you something you still B@#%#

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Umm, I have blu-Ray for movies already! How about improving PSN altogether! Sounds like a good idea eh! ;)

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When will ppl get that cross game chat will never come to ps3, and if it does it will turn out like ps3's in game music.

Avatar image for DJtoKen

In Australia, out of all those things, we only have the Playstation Store....... think Sony needs to spread the love a bit more around the globe. :/

Avatar image for Savior4Life

Good for PSN users but I'll still wait for new releases to show on Movie Central...

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You know what would be nice? having any of these movie options in friggin Europe. I'm sick and tired of the US getting al these great services when Europe just gets left behind.

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Cool. I doubt I will use this too much, since I hardly rent movies anyway, but it is good that they continue to add more options for PS3 users. I'll definitely have to see about that $6 credit and check it out. :D

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PS3 ftw

Avatar image for HectorFAO

NICEEEEEEE!! cuz the psn movies take long to download

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its great to know sony is adding many services 2 the psn, but dont u think its a bit to much now, i mean " netfliz, hulu, and now vudu " i think sony should focus more on getting cross game chat, and making the psn communtiy better, and besides for me theses services r usless cuz i live in Canada, and as always we get the short end of the deal lol, but yea good job sony keep it up :D

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Doesn't look cheap at all. I prefer renting my movies with my ISP instead... it's cheaper and it doesn't use bandwith.

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Why did I sell my PS3.. :( :D

Avatar image for SneekyRatchet

it feels great to be a playstation owner =)

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yeah an this 6 free dollars is gonna rent me sum karate kid or sum scott pilgrim!!!!!

Avatar image for TevoxZi

@youngsexynerd Legend of Dragoon for the win. High five.

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ill tell u wat needs to come to ps3! it is xenogears, suikoden 2, legend of dragoon, crono cross, legend of mana an vagrant story!!!!! an sony start selling sum of those ps2 jrpg classics on the psn to, im beggin u?? i look everywhere an i can never find jrpgs anymore only these recycled 1st person shooters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wow so many many stream option but impossible to see it in Puerto Rico, =(

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Meh. Just how many streaming solutions do we need as a consumer?

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