VUDU comes to PS3 Nov. 23

Streaming movie service joins Netflix, Hulu, and Sony's proprietary film hub next week.


No Caption Provided PlayStation 3 owners with an Internet connection already have Netflix, Hulu, MLB.TV, NHL GameCenter, and Sony's PlayStation Store at their fingertips to watch television shows, films, and sporting events. Now, yet another streaming application is set to be unleashed for the PS3 crowd.
PS3 owners will soon have another streaming option.
PS3 owners will soon have another streaming option.

Sony sent word today that VUDU, a video marketplace that allows users to stream movies, will go live on the PS3 on November 23. Unlike Hulu and Netflix for the PS3, VUDU does not require a membership. Instead, if offers streaming access to its films on a per-program basis.

VUDU boasts a title library of over 4,000 films presented in high definition, from "all major Hollywood studios." Two-night rentals start at $2 and ramp up in price to $6, depending on the film and presentation style. Those who sign up for VUDU when it launches next week for the PS3 will be awarded a $6 credit. Additionally, "many" films will be available for purchase or rent the day they are released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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