VU and Monolith working on mystery shooter

Publisher/developer axis leaks teaser shot of untitled action game, promises more information at E3.


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In addition to announcing its E3 lineup, VU Games gave the world a sneak peek at a new shooter it is currently working on with Tron 2.0 developer Monolith Productions.

Accompanying VU's weekly newsletter was a yellow and black flyer containing a screenshot of an intense firefight from an unnamed first-person shooter. The phrase, "They say bullets taste like chicken," appeared above the shot, which featured an assault rifle riddling several masked opponents with holes. "Hope you're hungry," read the copy underneath the image.

"Hope you are hungry for a taste of Monolith Productions’ latest product in development," further teased VU's e-mail, which promised to show more about "the latest action-packed project" from Monolith at E3. Though no platform was mentioned, given Monolith's track record and the screenshot's graphic clarity, it's likely the title will be for the PC.

GameSpot will have more on this visually impressive mystery game when it is further unmasked.

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