VR Space Shooter From Other Suns Open Beta Live Now

From other sons.


The open beta for space-age VR shooter From Other Suns is now live on Oculus Rift. Gather your friends and get ready for a joyride through the Milky Way.

From Other Suns pits you as a pilot destined to save humanity...or, uh, let it die. You'll have to manage your ship as robots, aliens, and pirates come to destroy you. Do so with up to two friends, or all on your own.

The title is procedurally generated, so every playthrough should feel unique and fresh. The randomization doesn't just apply to enemies, it extends to weapons, level design, and characters; no two games should ever be the same.

From Other Sun's open beta is only open until October 1 at 11:59pm PT. The title is expected to launch fully later this fall.

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