VR-1's Nomads of Klanth Live

VR-1 launches new massively multiplayer fantasy tank game on America Online.


VR-1 has announced that its massively multiplayer Fantasy Tank Battles - Nomads of Klanth has gone live on America Online's Games Channel. The game merges standard tank battle with fantasy races. Players will use both magic and munitions to take on up to 500 opponents in 17 arenas. Only members of AOL will have access to the service at keyword: Fantasy Tank, and the service costs US$1.99 per hour.

The game's storyline takes place after rival gods have battled on the planet of Klanth, leaving a wasteland for its inhabitants. In a land without a government, humans, elves, dwarves, and the undead fight for control of the planet's limited supply of Witchstone crystals (a substance that contains raw magic).

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