Volume's Vita Release Delayed "a Couple of Weeks"

Portable version of Metal Gear Solid-inspired stealth game "needs a little more love."


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The PlayStation Vita version of Volume, the latest game from Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell, has been delayed by "a couple of weeks."

While the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the Metal Gear Solid-inspired stealth game are still on track for an August 18 release, the portable version "needs a little more love."

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"Unfortunately, we unexpectedly had to make the decision to hold off on the Vita version for a couple of weeks to get it where we want it," Bithell explained on the game's website. "It’s so very nearly ready, but it needs a little more love.

"A few personal problems and issues have slowed down our submittal, so even though the game is “done” on Vita, we still have some QA process to go through (because that stuff matters)."

The indie dev also clarified that Volume's cross-buy promotion will remain in effect: "If you get the game on PS4, the Vita version will be waiting for you the second it’s out of the oven, at no extra cost."

In GameSpot's Volume review the game was awarded an eight out of ten. Although the game "stumbles when trying to tell a story," it also "flows from one level to the next with the aptitude of a great stealth game, and the inventiveness of a clever puzzle title."

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