Volition had six interested buyers - Report

Saints Row studio manager says WB, EA, Take-Two, and Ubisoft all showed interest in company; no layoffs after sale, though name may change.


Six different companies entertained the possibility of buying Saints Row studio Volition Inc. before it was eventually sold to Deep Silver parent company Koch Media last week, general manager Dan Cermak told The News Gazette.

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Warner Bros., Electronic Arts, Take-Two, Ubisoft, Koch Media, and an unnamed group from Chicago all completed site visits in the weeks preceding the sale, he said.

However, only two companies--Koch Media and Ubisoft--submitted bids for Volition, with Koch Media's $22.3 million offer well ahead of the French publisher's $5.4 million bid.

Koch Media had 390 employees prior to the purchase and will take on all 185 Volition staffers. There will not be any layoffs and compensation packages are consistent, Cermak said.

What may change, though, is Volition's name. "Deep Silver Volition" is reportedly among the names being considered, Cermak said. Cermak also confirmed that Koch Media did not acquire the Red Faction franchise, the fate of which lies in limbo.

Cermak said the sale to Koch Media is a "very positive situation for us." He noted that because Koch Media is a private company, it does not face many of the pressures THQ did as a publicly traded entity, like meeting quarterly financial benchmarks.

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Avatar image for kungfuj0

I am glad Take Two didn't get Volition. It wouldn't be right for GTA and SR to be under the same roof. That **** might cause a rift in the space-time continuum or something!

Seriously though, SR is really the only worthy rival to GTA, and if Take Two had gotten it, they probably would have either closed up shop on it or they would have made it so nonsensical that would couldn't have taken it seriously anymore, and we could BARELY take it seriously as it was after SR3 and its purple ...'bat'.

I wouldn't have minded if WB got it though. Imagine Ed Boon sticking his hands into the world of SR, or maybe an SR/Justice League crossover or something! All kinds of possibilities would have come with that acquisition if it had happened!

I am glad EA didn't get it. I never thought anyone could suck the life out of Bioware, but EA did. If they can do that to Bioware, Volition wouldn't have stood a chance in hell!

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Makes sense. Volition was the best studio THQ had.

Avatar image for Genocide6sic6

@Thanatos2k and Relic.

Avatar image for Timmy_Gwar

Make a good red faction game again. Like, Guerrilla with actual destructible terrain like in the first game. Not "destructible environments" aka invinsible rocks and papier maché buildings.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@Timmy_Gwar Can't. Koch didn't buy the Red Faction IP. THQ still has it.

Avatar image for Ladiesman17


yeah, destruction environments like Battlefield Bad Company 2 does, which is so cool

Avatar image for soulless4now

Good luck to them.

Avatar image for tgwolf

If you're smart, WB and Take Two would be the only ones you'd trust...

Avatar image for Hurvl

"Koch Media's $22.3 million offer well ahead of the French publisher's $5.4 million bid." Lol, Ubisoft tried to get Volition cheap, although I don't know if the company was worth the amount that Koch Media spent. I also don't know much about them, so I can't say if Koch Media has made a good investment or not, but I don't really care about that as long as they support the devs and let them make good games. Being a private company they can do like Valve and be more free, which is something I like.

Avatar image for jimrhurst

@Hurvl I believe THQ originally paid $30M for Volition many years ago, and that was before Saint's Row was a thing. So I'd say Koch is getting a pretty decent deal.

Avatar image for DiverseGamer

What the hell is Koch Media?

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@DiverseGamer They're a European publisher.

Avatar image for HADES2001

@DiverseGamer whell you prolly don't play videogames a lot cause they are (co)responsible for dead island, catherine, anno 1701, earth 2160, gothic 3, metro last light, risen 1 and 2, sacred 2, spellforce 2, the guild 2, X2 X3 and X rebirth and many more games

Avatar image for Dashkimbrell

@HADES2001 @DiverseGamer Catherine was made by atlus and index corporation. Koch had nothing to do with it.

Avatar image for Hurvl

@HADES2001 If you look up Gothic 3 or several of the other games you mentioned, the name Koch Media doesn't show up anywhere, so you could forgive DiverseGamer for not knowing who they were, instead of sounding rude.

Avatar image for MidnightMeteor

@Hurvl Wait you think he's rude when the original post was pure ignorance? Internet police beware...haha.

Avatar image for Nanomage

@Hurvl @HADES2001

Yeah it does,Gothic 3 has both Koch and Deep Silver(the gaming arm of Koch)mentioned everywhere from the games to the wiki pages,as well as all others.

Avatar image for DrKill09

Well, despite no Red Faction, I'm glad Saints Row is secure. Hopefully Volition get some more projects down the line.

Maybe even a spiritual successor to Red Faction.

Avatar image for Simplythebest12

Volition made Freespace 1 and 2 right ?

I want Freespace 3

Avatar image for DrKill09

@Simplythebest12 It's doubtful they acquired those rights.

Avatar image for ZlataBani4ka

@DrKill09 @Simplythebest12 Interplay holds the rights for Freespace. Too bad i would say. Those were great games.Volition, however, released the code for Freespace 2 and mods are made by fans, very good ones too.

Avatar image for jimrhurst

@DrKill09 @Simplythebest12 Interplay still owns the rights. Good luck prying it from their dead hands.

Avatar image for X-RS

@DrKill09 @Simplythebest12

Dunno the game, but that's kinda what I wanna know, where did the rest of the properties go? Are they just sanctioned to be forgotten, or is there some other auction that will deal with smaller things?

Avatar image for SavageEvil

Don't screw with the name Koch, Deep Silver Volition sounds stupid and would look even worse on a logo. Volition are pretty good developers, now lets hope thye can return SR to excellence, SR3 was weak compared to SR2. Now SR4 should return to awesomeness that SR2 was and with Volition keeping their team intact this should bode well. Give us a huge sandbox with hundreds of things to do and return the story to comical but still a bit realistic as R3's story coupled with the gimmicky nonsense was a bit overboard and not funny or entertaining.

Avatar image for jimrhurst

@SavageEvil Not to start any kind of flame war, but I thought SR3 was fun as hell. I see lots of people on GameSpot longing for SR2. I played both, enjoyed both, and I don't see where it took a downturn. Honest question, what are the key beefs with SR3?

I mean, if you look at RFG vs RF:Armageddon, whoa. Now there's a series taking a nosedive...

Avatar image for bouff

@SavageEvil it be good if they redone SR3 and not let *SPOILER* (incase there are still people that havent played SR3 yet) Gat die, they could keep it in steel port but change the story and missions (as well as the side stuff).....

Avatar image for Spartan_418

Red Faction Guerrilla was one of the most fun open-world games I've played, really hope the series doesn't die out entirely. Another Red Faction with further improved destruction would be a great showcase for the power of next-gen consoles

Avatar image for DiverseGamer


The series was doing really well, and then they fucked it all up with Armageddon.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

@DiverseGamer I thought Armageddon was decent despite being linear and fairly short. The vehicle sequences were a ton of fun. Worth the rental. Though of course I hope the series goes back to being open-world

Avatar image for blackace

Wow.. Koch paid too much with that bid. they could have gotten it for like $6 or $7 million. TH-Q is making out pretty good with these sales. They should be able to clear up all their debts after this.

Avatar image for jimrhurst

@blackace Not really true. It wasn't truly anonymous bidding. Once the other companies knew of Koch's bid, they went after other pieces of THQ instead. So without Koch's $22M bid, someone else would have made a more serious offer.

Avatar image for MAD_AI


Wouldn't matter, THQ is gone, no more. All the money is going to creditors.

Avatar image for cdog21

I keep seeing it mentioned all the time, but what's with the hate for UPlay.

I've never had a problem with it, but then again I've only played Ubisoft games on 360. I don't know if it does something different on PC.

Avatar image for jimrhurst

@cdog21 I don't have a blind hatred for DRM per se, but I'm generally skeptical of the internet connection requirements and the fact that this game I hypothetically own can be taken away at any time. Also, if there is going to be a platform like this I'd prefer to support a monopoly like Steam so that all my stuff is in one place. Why do I want to give tons of personal information to 47 different companies and have digital properties spread all over 47 apps all of which have to run on my PC?

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@cdog21 It sucks? A lot?

Avatar image for BladeStrike1234

@cdog21 Many people have a blind hatred for DRM. Its one of those bandwagons that people love to jump on just to "stick it to the man"!

Avatar image for DerSchwarzMann


I hate Ubisoft because they are slowly turning into another EA, ruining some of their games such as Splinter Cell. Band wagon?

Avatar image for Kolo32

@BladeStrike1234 @cdog21 I wouldn't say it's bandwagoning to hate something that only penalizes paying customers in a failed attempt to prevent piracy. If you lose internet access you lose access to all Ubisoft games unlike Steam where I can play all my games offline.

Avatar image for Shango4

@cdog21 I know right

Avatar image for Xanthus179

This is good news. I have loved Volition for a long while. The Summoner games back on the PS2 were a lot of fun. Deep story, lots of quests and exploring. Reboot that series!

Avatar image for predailen

Anyway That Volition/Koch Media could buy the Freespace IP from Interplay, because a new Freespace game would be awesome!

Avatar image for Arsyad00

Sell it and get rich!!!!

Avatar image for snugglebear

I haven't played the Red Faction games, but I've heard good things and hope they manage to get picked up in not too long.

As for Saints Row being alive still, Huzzah!

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

Who is this 'possibility' person and why does everyone entertain him?

Avatar image for demondogx

Good, rather them then ubisoft, not looking forward to yearly saint row games with that god awefull uplay on it.

Hope that deep silver will give them the time to develop and make a good game out of the next saint row, and if they dont do rediculus stuff like day 1 dlc that include cheats i might actually but the new saints row on release instead of waiting on a steam sale.

Avatar image for SirNormanislost

What this article doesn't mention is that aswell as violation and SR Koch media also acquired the metro IP

Avatar image for Dareitus

@SirNormanislost yeah but mentioning that they DIDNT get Red Faction along with Volition and Metro is news to me. I don't personally care none of them have really impressed me besides the original (which was amazing) but surprising non-the-less.

Avatar image for SirNormanislost

@Dareitus @SirNormanislost yeah red faction1 was amazing I'd be very interested to see who gets that IP

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