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Void Bastards Spiritual Successor Wild Bastards Hits PC Later This Year

Over 8 million players have tried Void Bastards.


Maximum Entertainment and Blue Manchu Games have revealed new gameplay for Wild Bastards, a standalone successor to Void Bastards. Wild Bastards is a first-person shooter roguelike where players go through procedurally-generated sectors and planets with varying parameters such as terrain and weather.

Wild Bastards follows a group of lawbreakers called the Bastards. After all but two members are killed by a puritanical magnate named Jebediah Chaste, they are saved by a sentient spaceship called The Drifter.

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Throughout the game, the Bastards can come across 13 playable characters to recruit while also finding a way to revive their dead comrades and uncovering The Drifter's true intentions for saving them in the first place. Each of the 13 characters have their own unique weapons, stunts, personality, and abilities. You can also build and maintain relationships between them in order to guide their growth.

Through these sectors, you'll face off in showdowns where you'll take out groups of enemies with your arsenal. You can switch between different characters on the fly in order to take advantage of their special abilties. There are also pickups and powerups scattered throughout the map such as invincibility in order to help you clear out the battlefield. After completing the main campaign, the game's Challenge Mode unlocks and adds more modifiers to put players to the test.

In GameSpot's Void Bastards review, we said, "It's wildly entertaining to go from ship to ship and eradicate enemies with constantly shifting strategies, and equally engaging to use your scavenging gains to make yourself feel increasingly powerful. It's a satisfyingly stylish shooter that manages to play as well as, if not better than, it looks."

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