Voice actors surf PSP Star Oceans

Japanese cast of handheld remakes appear at Square Enix Party, leak some additional tidbits of information; no new Star Ocean 4 details.


MAKUHARI--Two days ago, Square Enix announced it is resurrecting the first two installments of its Star Ocean series on the PSP with new characters and voice acting. Today at the Square Enix Party 2007, the publisher revealed the voice cast for the two new games, Star Ocean: First Departure and Star Ocean: Second Evolution. The roster of actors that will be playing the main roles in the two titles is listed below.

PSP Star Ocean characters will be quite chatty, apparently.
PSP Star Ocean characters will be quite chatty, apparently.

Star Ocean: First Departure
Ratix Farrence - Mamoru Miyano
Milly Kiliet - Hitomi Nabatame
Marvel Frozen - Houko Kuwashima
Fear Mell - Megumi Toyoguchi

Star Ocean: Second Evolution
Claude C. Kenni - Daisuke Namikawa
Rena Lanford - Nana Mizuki
Dias Flac - Tomokazu Sugita
Precis F. Neumann - Rie Kugimiya

Early in the morning, Square Enix held a stage show featuring the voice actors together, which attracted an attendance of well over 600 people. As happens during many live events, the voice actors leaked some extra tidbits of information that weren't disclosed at the press conference two days ago.

While Square Enix previously confirmed that the games will feature voices, they didn't clarify how much dialogue the games would contain. The actors confirmed that the games will feature extensive vocal work, including conversations in the "private action" system. Rena Lanford voice actress Nana Mizuki commented that she received a box full of scripts at her office, all of which were for Second Evolution.

The developers are taking their time in making the PSP Star Oceans more than just simple remakes. In a statement, series producer Yoshinori Yamagishi said that he wants the remakes to feel as though they're completely new games. Apparently, he's not just saying that. The voice actors revealed that, despite the games' lengthy scripts, they still haven't started recording yet. As it turns out, the scripts aren't yet finished, due to the addition of extensive new scenarios and characters.

Square Enix didn't disclose any new details on Star Ocean 4, which was also announced this week during its stage show at the Party. "We are currently hard at work in making Star Ocean 4 (working title), so that it will be worthy of being considered the latest installment in the series," was all Yamagishi's statement said.

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