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Virtual reality devices need to sell 1 million units before Ubisoft gets interested [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Ubisoft now says the 1 million figure is "not a literal number that Ubisoft takes into consideration when looking at delivering game experiences and content for new platforms."

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[UPDATE] Ubisoft has issued a statement regarding Raynaud's comments. You can read the statement in full below.

"Ubisoft is always excited about new hardware and platforms and creating innovative experiences. Lionel did mention a number at the GDC dinner, however, it was not a literal number that Ubisoft takes into consideration when looking at delivering game experiences and content for new platforms. In fact, the point he was making was that a number like that would be a leading indicator for growth and impact that could lead to success and adoption from the development community. While Ubisoft continues to work closely with all of our hardware partners, we have nothing new to share at this point in time in regard to these new VR opportunities."

The original story is below.

Might we one day see a new Assassin's Creed or Far Cry game that uses virtual reality technology? According to Ubisoft Vice President of Creative Lionel Raynaud, it's possible, but technology like Oculus Rift or Sony's just-announced Project Morpheus need to put up big numbers first.

"VR would need to sell at least 1 million units to be viable for development," Raynaud said tonight in San Francisco during a roundtable interview attended by GameSpot.

The Oculus Rift headset is currently available to developers only. Developer Oculus VR has made no indication as to when the consumer version will be ready or what it will cost at launch.

Meanwhile, Sony's Project Morpheus--still a non-final prototype--was only just announced yesterday. Sony representatives said during a presentation last night that they want to release the headset as soon as possible and at the most affordable price point.

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