Virtual Pet Peeve

It was bound to happen; a virtual pet with sex appeal.


As if finding time for your real-life family, friends, and pets isn't hard enough, now your computer can spawn a lifeform that will make demands on you as well.

Mindscape yesterday announced the US launch of Creatures, an "artificial life" product developed by Cyberlife Technology. Hopeful parents are presented with an egg which eventually hatches into a Norn, a digital being who dwells on your computer.

If well-cared for, the Norn will thrive and develop into a fine, healthy creature with its own unique personality. As it interacts in its little world, the Norn will learn to act independently and cope with problems. Norns even exhibit emotions, including sexual attraction for other Norns, necessitating, presumably, serious discussions about the birds and the bytes.

In case you haven't got enough virtual pets living on your keychain, Game Boy, and PDA, Creatures is available for both Windows and Mac.

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