Virtua Quest E3 2004 Preshow Impressions

Sega will be showing its upcoming action RPG at E3 2004.


This fall, Sega will be releasing Virtua Quest for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube in North America. The game is a 3D action RPG that is roughly based within the Virtual Fighter fighting game series' universe. As you play, you will discover a number of "Virtua souls," which are actually data clusters that contain information on the various types of martial arts that each of the legendary Virtua Fighter characters possess. After accessing these clusters, you will be able to easily learn and perform many new types of moves. However, Sei's ability to access these Virtua souls attracts unwanted attention from an evil syndicate called Judgment 6, which wishes to use Sei as a means to perform its many seedy and evil tasks.

Virtua Quest will include more than 45 different moves to learn from the Virtua souls you access, each of which is modeled after moves from the Virtua Fighter characters. The RPG elements of the game will include health points, experience levels, and plenty of cinematic cutscenes. Along your quest, you'll uncover hidden treasure items and collect assorted data chips, which you can trade in to power up your character.

We'll have more on Virtua Quest from E3 2004. Stay tuned.

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