Virtua Fighter's Akira confirmed in Dead or Alive 5

Crossover fighting craze continues as face of Sega's 3D fighting franchise to take on Team Ninja's entire roster this September on Xbox 360, PS3.


As rumored, Dead or Alive and Virtua Fighter characters are going to come to blows. Tecmo today announced that its upcoming Dead or Alive 5 would feature the face of the Virtua Fighter franchise, Akira Yuki, as a playable character.


The news was first hinted at last month. In an interview with Edge last month, Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi said the Dead or Alive 5 developer would be interested in pursuing crossover opportunities along the lines of Street Fighter X Tekken, and then expressed his particular admiration for Sega's Virtua Fighter franchise.

Set for release in September on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Dead or Alive 5 is the first major installment in the series without Tomonobu Itagaki as head of developer Team Ninja. A demo of the fighting game is being offered as a preorder bonus for Team Ninja's other new title, Ninja Gaiden III, which is set for release March 20.

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Honestly they seem to be taking the direction of making their games more casual as most fighters are doing now...which I don't mind, I just wish they wouldn't have to make it so random as well. The environment falling on you seems a lil iffy, if it's consistent I suppose that's better than being random, but it still adds another element out of the players hand really which I don't like in fighting games.

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I prefer eileen my favorite vf char .... Sarah's movements r very cool too.

Avatar image for Halloll

Don't like Akira he's too much Ryu looking, wish they add Jeffery then I could hug all DOA characters.

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I'd still love to see Benezia and Aethyta from Mass Effect show up. (I think this would be either right before or right after Liara was born, based on comparative timeline.)

Avatar image for EvilTyger

I still think that Benezia and Aethyta from Mass Effect (I beleive the comparative timeline puts this either right before or right after they had Liara.)

Avatar image for rhymesmatter

You know those Stuck up DOA fan boys that keep yapping about "Oh DOA is doomed" "Oh because Itagaki left Team Ninja will fail as with NG3" piss me off srs

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the year of the crossover countiues

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i'd play doa vs vf all day any day till my thumbs bleed.. somehow i feel more confident about team ninja & sega not abusing dlc not unlike that other fighting franchise

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Dead or Alive is my favorite fighting franchise, and I'm glad to see them getting in on the crossover action too. I wonder if there will ever be a "universal fighter" that allows characters from all the major fighting franchises to come do battle...maybe I wish for too much...

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DoA 5 is looking great.

Avatar image for Metal_Jaws

So glad its comingback to the PS...i've missed this series. DOA2:HC was just awesome.

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Love DOA Love Virtua Fighter. However with that said I don't like this idea. the VF characters have no character at all anymore. The last few games have been just Arcade Tournament simulators. and while that is cool and all I prefer a game with a storyline for the characters. Now a DOA Vs Tekken game would be awesome. it would be really fun to see how all those personalities clash with each other.

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Can't wait... Too whoop some a$$ with Jann Lee! It's about time

Avatar image for mykel77

tekken is not taken seriously at all by anyone lol. even itagaki openly said its crap. id rather play clayfighter than tekken. awful game.

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Love the respect for the VF series which is what Namco should have done or should be doing. DOA is not my favorite series even though I really loved 4 and how beautiful that it looked even to this day. VFx Namco would be really cool. DOA is not taken as seriously as VF and Tekken and that is not because the mechanics are broken it is just the great (IMO) aesthetics of the female characters that everyone has ripped from Tecmo games. VF is the king of fighters technically that looks like a fighting simulator when you dont notice the floating. Now that Capcom has been exposed its time to get back into the 3d arena fighters.

Avatar image for soulless4now

Looks like this is one step closer to possibly getting DOA x VF.

Avatar image for Crash6

pretty interesting....

Avatar image for 666_Laventine

That is actually pretty sweet. Much better than a female master chief...

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Virtua Fighter takes me back. :)

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DOA 5 is totally awesome. I really like this new entry! Akira is a good character... not spartan 458 lol

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When they said Sega and Tecmo were collaberating something involving VF characters & DOA characters. This was NOT what I expected... I WANTED to see Virtua Fighter (the whole gang) VERSUS Dead or Alive. Akira is just 1 rep, it's not like he can take on the entire cast of DOA. He should have more back-up from his squad to accompany him. Then I could have my dream matches. Sarah Bryant vs. Kasumi - Battle of the ponytailed flippers Jacky Bryant vs. Jan Lee - Fight between two screaming idiots (love them both) Zack vs. Vanessa - A mixed bag of ground and pound, smash mouth femme fatale vs. self taught unorthodox Mua Tai expert Kage-Maru vs. Ryu Hayabusa - The fight to determine ninja bad-azzery. Wolf vs. Tina Armstrong - King of giant swings vs. queen of giant swings. Pai Chan vs. Lei-Fang - Aggressive with those roaring kicks that will take your head clean off your shoulders and she can counter her ass off!! Very quick & focused fighter. On the other hand Lei-Fang's modified counters may give Pai Chan something to worry about! Especially since Fang is good at enviormental hazards!!! Lei's counters can be downright lethal! Do you people see it? This is the ideal cross-over since their characters are so evenly matched!!! Sega and Tecmo cannot rob me of this oppurtunity to see all my favorite characters fight each other. Why settle for 1 favorite vs. many when we should have all of them. Duking it out vs. series style.

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lol @ the guy that called Akira a Ryu rip off. Just, lol. VF is by far the most technical fighting series on the planet and it's absolutely nothing like SF (which I like, but just sayin).

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Tomonobu Itagaki would be mad if he saw this on the other hand i still will play this and love it i hope but still Tomonobu Itagaki foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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to all the people who dont know, virtua fighter final showdown IS coming to the u.s. as a downloadable title very soon. doa4 was not a masher, thats what the counters are for, to stave off mashers but most of you cant handle the technical aspect of these respected games. you have to counter high mid and low and also mid kick. theres no fireballs here. mash in doa or virtua fighter=counter/death. if you dont like or respect VF, you really have no idea what fighting games are all about.its not for beginners

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awesome! virtua fighter is the deepest most hardcore fighter ever. DOA4 was pretty deep. its a lighter VF5 when itagaki made counters even more time strict. this is amazing. i dont know how people can not play these games. they play street fighter which has zero depth and looks like a cracked out cartoon. ugh. when team ninja acknowledges VF as the most respected fighter, you know they know what they are doing. its hardcore and i hope sarah and aoi make an appearance

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ORA ORA ORA!! Hyped.

Avatar image for Cazy008

Awsome. Can't frikin wait for this :)!

Avatar image for exedeath

I would rather have a new Virtua Fighter.

Avatar image for ejay_kain

I thought i would be missing the female bouncing body parts, but i do not. Game play looks fast-paced and fun.

Avatar image for FsLeonhart

VF x DoA, hope to play it in the near future.

Avatar image for Airyik

IDK who this guy is, but he's the saddest ryu ripoff I've ever seen. No wonder Vitual Fighter is like one of the least popular fighters. Pretty hyped for DOA5 though.

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i like the direction they are going with DoA5, only thing that scares me is the whole publicly announcing they hate the Xbox 360......

Avatar image for Wyckid

Hopefully they'll bring in other aspects from Virtua Fighter, like actually having to do moves and have strategy, instead of DOA's button mash-a-rama.

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This is like a dream come true, DOA is changing its art style so the depiction of its characters is more realistic, (something I've wished for since DOA 3) it is losing that whole breast physics nonsense and now it is crossing over with Virtua Fighter, one of the most respected fighting franchises around. Thank you Team Ninja and Tecmo for waking up and finally giving this premiere fighting franchise the self respect fans like myself have been asking for all these years.

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I've been waiting for DoA 5 since 06 and the idea of a crossover means more they wanna make the franchise grow more

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It's sad, but I get the feeling this is all we're going to see of Akira for quite a while because Sega apparently isn't interested in bringing the newest Virtua Fighter update to the states. Let's just hope that DoA/VF crossover happens.

Avatar image for professorXzaver

@Everiez the graphics are mind-blowing. A+++ graphics in that video.

Avatar image for Marky360

Well this is cool now how long before we get a full fleged crossover between the 2

Avatar image for eoj

Nothing is wrong with kasumi face. They are just using hi res models. She does not have a anime face anymore and they might have her as little be older too so she might look a little different. If so I'm all for that.

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Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

Oh man, this is badass! Seriously buying this now. If they're trying to draw in fans from VF this tactic is working. I've never played a DoA game before but there's no question I'll be playing this.

Avatar image for darkouer

There are tons of more interesting characters in VF, but I guess since Akira is the Ryu of VF, it was obligatory to include him as the VF guest character. I'll just have to wait for DoA vs VF for the Hayabusa/Kage match up, and hopefully they'll include the VF's Shaolin monk, whose name I can't remember... Maybe El Blaze too... :D

Avatar image for Zipporah

Why are they interviewing this guy about DOA5 when the last one he played was DOA2? I guess he hasn't played DOA3, Ultimate, and DOA4? Just asking.

Avatar image for regix416_basic

Grrr... Let's try to have something that makes sense in DOA 5. WTH does Akira have to do with DOA? Seriously? If they're going to start turning DOA into Soul Calibur I'm going to lose all respect for it as a franchise.

Avatar image for Everiez

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I guess he'll fit in better than the Spartan in DOA4 but I dunno. Maybe they're trying to get a feel for the whole crossover thing with this before they actually go ahead and do one.

Avatar image for majere613

Eep. The DOA controls seem like they'll make the Stun Palm O'Doom a lot more common! It'll be nice to play a version of Akira where you don't have to memorise about 300 counters, though :)

Avatar image for xXGANDORAXx

what the hell happened to kasumi's face?? i miss itakagi

Avatar image for Immortalsaiyan

Am I the only one who wishes all the guest characters would stop?

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