Virtua Fighter 5 dukes it out on Xbox 360

Sega's original 3D fighting series goes multiplatform, set to debut on Microsoft's system in late summer 2007.


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The Virtua Fighter series has never been known as a multiplatform franchise for consoles. Outside of a forgettable port of Virtua Fighter 2 to the Sega Genesis, the series has always kept itself to one home at any given time. From its console debut on the Sega Saturn, the series made an all-too-brief cameo appearance during the Dreamcast's all-too-brief lifespan with Virtua Fighter 3tb before settling in on the PlayStation 2 for Virtua Fighter 4 and Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution.

So when Sega announced that it was bringing Virtua Fighter 5 to the PlayStation 3, many had assumed it would stay there. That changed today. Sega announced that it would be bringing the latest installment in its premiere fighting franchise to the Xbox 360 in late summer of next year. The PS3 edition of the game will still beat its new counterpart to retailers, as it is scheduled for a February 20 release in North America, and will be a launch release in Europe when Sony's system debuts there next March.

The game adds two characters to the series roster for a total of 17 fighters and brings back the ability to customize characters with new accessories. Virtua Fighter 5 is rated T for Teen. For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of the PS3 version.

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Nice, wonder if it will rival or exceed the PS3 version.

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"G-Legend -They're adding it because Tekken is adding Online to their game." What? Since when did Sega and Namco have a rivalry. Tekken Online was added as an after thought where VF5 has been secretly been in development.

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This is probably the best fighting series due to how technical the game is. Its just not accessible to most people which is why it doesn't get much praise outside of the gaming press. You absolutely cannot button mash and expect to beat someone who knows what they are doing in this game

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i always loves these games, but my friends never did because they thought it was "too technical".... i mean, it's a fairly realistic fighter.. apart from some of the moves, but still.... i can't wait! I saw this at e3 06... didn't get to play it though :( oh well haha

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how fun. i don't have any fighting games and would think this would be REALLY fun on XboxLive.

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i think its cOOl because xbox 360 fans will Be able to play one of the most popular fighting game in DA WORLD... ps3 dropped exclusive:D

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I disagree absolute. I find that sc 2 is by and large the best sc game in the series and also the best fighting game overall

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SpikeDelight is an idiot.. everyone knows the PS3 8 cell processors isnt all for graphics, and theres already reports stating that not all the processors work at the same time at any given time. some say some of the proccessor dont work at all.. and Dont forget sega will most like not make a dirty port for the sake of a quick buck. it will work, and most likely look better than the ps3 because PS3 has issues with anti-aliasing,

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Now if the 360 could only get it's clutches on Tekken,

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I still think the best fighting series on the market is Soulcalibur. The third game was incredible, although it's a shame it wasn't on Xbox. Still, Virtua Fighter is a lot more skill-related than DOA.

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Hopefully the 360 ver. will have "RUMBLE" and "ONLINE" Support Like DoA

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TOO LATE!!! well it may haqve better graphics then PS3 ver !! due to the time !

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What's the difference? That's Like Mortal Kombat: It wouldn't be a system seller even if it was an exclusive. How many people bought the Xbox for "Dead or Alive"? PS3 for "Tekken"? Didn't think so. I didn't even know it was an exclusive until I read this article.

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Alright here we go. This is the chance for the PS3-to-360 ports on 360 to be framerate-in-the-red messes with numerous graphical issues instead of the other way around. The 360 can't handle the games made for the PS3's 8 cell processors and we along with the entire world around us is going to find this out in February. I know this game will be the one to get all gamers to know that these ports will do terribly on the 360 and get the Microsoft fanboys one step closer to shutting up about how the 360 is better and why Blu-ray is stupid. I have all 3 next-gen systems too so don't think I'm biased, I'm just saying it like it is.

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The Virtua Fighter series is hands-down the best fighting series on the market now. Nobody likes it because it takes skill, though, which is a shame.

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tekken 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"Aiman1292 Good news for ps3 guys, sony is offering old ps1 & ps2 game cd pack with purchase of ps3. So now go ahead and enjoy those glorious games which were the legend of their time on ps1 & ps2..." ^^ LMFAO!!

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Good news for ps3 guys, sony is offering old ps1 & ps2 game cd pack with purchase of ps3. So now go ahead and enjoy those glorious games which were the legend of their time on ps1 & ps2...

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PS3 Official magazine gave VF5 95%, talk about biased, should read its first issue, so much on why you should not buy a 360, not 1 mention of price. And no I'm not a fanboy for 1 system, I own all the systems, but after seeing the demos for VF5, no way is it a 95% no matter what system its on. Sometime i think the PS3 mag reviewers work for gamespot as well.

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I'm rubbish at fighting games. No matter how much time I spend practising I still get beat by first timer button mashers. Needless to say I won't get this game!!

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thekey, i post and read the posts because i need the good laugh. just like i got from your last post. where else are people going to post stuff like what you just did?

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Oh great. DOA4(5?) vs VF5. Wait...what the hell am I talking about. A fighting gamers dream!

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Tekken rules !

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Tekken FTW!

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DOA might have multi tiered arenas but it's fighting system is still weak compared to Virtua Fighter.

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They, thankfully, dumped the dodge button from VF3 in VF4. It was a common mistake back then, actually. sussexj, try going through the tutorial - VF4/Evo has some crazy options, movement/counter-wise when you're up close.

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jem68 i hear what your saying buddy. Ive never really gotten into soul calibur but i wondered why VF4 didnt have that same movement. Ill tell what though VF4 is DEEP. Deeper than any fighting game out there.

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I'm not here to argue about which system is better. for what game system. I just love fighting games. I played all the VF series,DOA,Soul Cal and MK. I've been a big fan of VF but over the years I think they let me and other gamers down? VF was the first to come with rich graphic. but the game play fell short after the years. They started out good with real Martial Art styles that most people never heard of. The "movement" is a issue for me. FREEDOM of movement is what I mean. Dodge button! What! ...C'mon,that's so old. And frustrating to see a game like VF with no freedom of movement. You mean to tell me sega never look at Soul Caliber? Fighting games should move free like in Fight Night 3 or Soul Caliber.

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Hell to the Yizzaah!

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Sony loses another exclusive. It's only a matter of time before MGS4 reaches the 360.

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Hmm makes no difference VF5 wasn't the reason I wanted a PS3 in the first place. I'll just wait till later this year when its a more worthwhile investement.

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So Sonly loses another exclusive. Ah, schadenfreude.

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bah! the 360 controller would probably suck for virtua fighter.

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Great news! Now - all we need is Tekken ... :)

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well i think this could be good news as the 360 needed more fighting game apart from dead or alive

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If it can be mass produced at a consumer level, its already quite obsolete. What makes the Wii different isn't the graphics anyhow, and its intended market won't care as much...

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lol... like sayed before one less ps3 exclusive that is crap and i i still wont buy for 360. My 360 deserves better than that

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The Lindbergh is a powerful arcade machine, and VF5 shows an excellent exaple of that. Too bad the PS3 and 360 are incapable of handling a true arcade port,alothough they are great consoles and the ports may be very decent to own. I might sound crazy for saying this, but I suspect that SEGA is working on a new game console and is planning releasing one sometime late in 2007 0r around 2008, with 2006 being one of the quietest years for SEGA I've seen since 1998 I believe thart SEGA/Sammy are getting ready to end a long dry spell as a exclusive 3rd party publisher and will soon be a hardware maker too. With Sonic 360 slammed by critics I'm looking forward to seeing him back in action on a Sega console(Sonic And Secret Rings will probably suck). I'm confident that SEGA will launch a true 256-bit next gen machine in 2007-2008 and by next year the Wii will be obsolete.

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I love how every bashes sony and says the system doesn't have great games, which it does--a lot more than xbox has--exclusive-wise. At the moment, no, but planned, yes. Anyways, I find it hilarious how people make fun of the ps3 and its games, and then when one is transferred to the 360, suddenly its an awesome title. No one was hyping over VF 5, so you guys really must secretly ADORE all of the upcoming ps3 games. Seeing you all jump for joy at this news tells me that you're afraid of the ps3's exclusives, and even a crappy game like this makes you happy. This is fanboyism at its worst. You're all pretty much pathetic.

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mercenary-x, MK trilogy was my personal fav too :) the counter system for DOA 4 did nothing for me either

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jimbo6923 So, is the PS3 dead yet? pycho22solid Wow, sony just keeps getting slapped in the face-i love it! Norbert76 Isn't it funny how all these PS3 'exclusives' are coming over to the X360...All I have to say to the PS3 fanboys is...EAT IT!!!

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About gosh darn time!!! And by the way, i wish crashed hard drives on Sony !!

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great game, great news! Sony can't be too happy.

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wooohooo i love virtual fighter this is great news!!!!!

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Yeah Exactly Most People who owned a 360 weren't buying a PS3 just for this game. But A lot of 360 owners want another fighter instead of DOA 4, so this is good news for us. Still love DOA 4 though. I haven't played VF though since the 3rd one in my arcade but hopefully I'll get back to it. I remember the first time I beat it I was like YEAH!!! It only took me 8 dollars!! Haha, I was playing with Jacky BTW, I don't know I like those muscular army guys like Guile from Street Fighter. NO NOT IN THAT WAY!!!

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I've never really been a fan of any Virtua Fighter. But, I'm glad to see alot of exclusive games are being multiplatforms now. I'll be getting a Playstation 3 when the great games start coming out for it.

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So, is the PS3 dead yet?