Violent Rambo: Last Blood Trailer Promises "Death Is Coming"

They drew first blood... he will draw last.

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Now Playing: Rambo: Last Blood - Official Teaser Trailer

The first trailer for Rambo: Last Blood is here. The fifth movie in the long-running action series stars Sylvester Stallone as former soldier and mercenary John Rambo who is called back into his old life for one last mission.

The trailer doesn't really give much about the story away, but it delivers everything that fans of the series will expect. Namely, Stallone shooting, stabbing, and blowing up lots of people, this time in Mexico, while his voiceover tells us that "death is coming" for his enemies. Check it out above.

Rambo: Last Blood hits theaters on September 20 and is directed by Adrian Grunberg, who previously made the Mel Gibson thriller Get the Gringo. The movie also stars Spanish star Paz Vega (Spanglish, The OA) as a reporter who teams up with Rambo to rescue her sister from a drug cartel.

The Rambo series kicked off in 1982 with First Blood and was followed by two sequels in 1985 and 1988. The most recent movie was 2008's Rambo, which Stallone directed and made $113 million worldwide.

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The trailer looked pretty dope, if they can make this new movie as good as the last one I'll definitely check it out. I always thought the '08 Rambo movie was pretty damn underrated as far as action movies go TBH, it really doesn't get as much recognition that it deserves!

Avatar image for izraal

The 2008 Rambo was a very well done action movie, some big shoes to fill if they go that route. It would be interesting if they tried to revisit the psychological and political angles of the original First Blood, where Rambo is dealing with PTSD and clashing with local law enforcement. The original First Blood was a great movie that honestly feels like part of a different franchise.

I think the latter approach might be a more fitting swan song, and it's still a very topical one, but if they produce a great action movie like the 2008 film I'd also be happy. Fingers crossed, either way.

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i would comment on the trailer if the stupid video player would actually play the damn video

Avatar image for asultana121x

Looking forward to this, I miss the movies of old with just straight up action guys

Avatar image for d_

Hell yea the last Rambo was pretty straight.. saw it in theaters + bought the blu ray. Can already tell this won’t be as good but should be worth the watch.