Villeneuve Offers Update On Dune Part 2, Filming Scheduled For Summer 2022

Dune Part 2 is "mostly designed" according to the director and slated to begin shooting this summer.


The big question following the release of Denis Villeneuve's Dune Part 1 was when the second half of the story would be released. The sequel was greenlit shortly after the movie hit theaters and HBO Max in 2021, but an actual production schedule has yet to be announced, prompting speculation and anxiety from fans about the continuation of the sprawling sci-fi epic and the feasibility of it hitting its scheduled October 2023 release date.

Thankfully, Villeneuve has offered some information in an interview with Empire. "We are supposed to start shooting at the end of the summer," he explained, and went on to elaborate that Part 2 is "mostly designed" and that the screenplay is written.

"The thing that helps us right now is that it’s the first time I’ve revisited a universe," Villeneuve said, "so I’m working with the same crew, everybody knows what to do, we know what it will look like. The movie will be more challenging, but we know where we are stepping. Frankly, the only big unknown for me right now is the pandemic."

So what can we expect in the second part? Villeneuve promises much more of House Harkonnen. "I made the decision very early on that the first part would be more about Paul Atreides and the Bene Gesserit [...] the second part would be much more Harkonnen stuff."

Villeneuve also promises some new characters so start fan-casting your favorite Feyd-Rautha now. And no, a digitally de-aged Sting doesn't count, though we'll give you points for dreaming.

Dune Part 2 will hit theaters on October 20, 2023.

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