Viewtiful Joe 2 details emerge

Official Japanese Web site goes live, subtitle revealed, and new VJ anime series now in production.


TOKYO--This week, Capcom's Japanese headquarters made a slew of announcements regarding the upcoming Viewtiful Joe 2. In taking the game's official Web site live, the company revealed that the game's full title in Japan will be Viewtiful Joe 2: Burakku firumu no nazo, which translates to "Secret of the Black Film."

Viewtiful Joe 2 tells the continuing story of Joe, a regular guy who jumps into a superhero film and discovers that he has a superhero alter ego. Along with his girlfriend, Silvia--now a superheroine herself and playable from the beginning of the game--Joe will battle more than 40 new types of enemies in several new environments, including a jungle, underground ruins, ancient Japan, snowy mountains, and outer space. The caped hero will also receive a new VFX power, called "replay," which will let him triple the effect of attacks or power-ups.

Capcom also announced that a new anime series based on the Viewtiful Joe games will begin airing in Japan starting October 2. The Saturday morning anime will broadcast in six TV Tokyo-affiliated stations throughout Japan every week from 9:30am to 10:00am. Like the game, the anime will feature Joe in an adventure that’s packed with enemies, stylish action, and comedy.

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