Vietnam Shooter Men of Valor Goes to Darksiders Publisher

Nordic Games acquires rights to Men of Valor from 2015 Games.

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Publisher Nordic Games has added another franchise to its stable. The company, which previously acquired the rights to Darksiders, Red Faction, and de Blob from THQ, announced Tuesday that it had entered into an agreement with 2015 Games to buy the Vietnam-themed Men of Valor franchise.

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Nordic Games didn't announce any plans for a sequel to the 2004 Xbox and PC game. But the company pointed out that the title has a rich history.

“With said IP, our shooter portfolio gets enriched with a real classic," Nordic Games executive Reinhard Pollice said in a statement. “It feels great to have a piece of FPS-history under our umbrella. At 2015 Games, a lot of talented people, including the founders of Infinity Ward and Respawn Entertainment amongst others, shaped the first person shooter genre with their games."

Before Men of Valor, 2015 Games worked on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Men of Valor (see GameSpot's review) puts players into the boots of new recruit Dean Shepard as he and his Marine squadmates battle through Southeast Asia in the 1960s during the Vietnam War.

Would you like to see another Men of Valor game? Let us know in the comments below!

Correction: Vince Zampella and Jason West did not work on Men of Valor. GameSpot regrets the error.

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This was the only good single player Vietnam fps til black ops.

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Never played it, but I'd like a good Vietnam War game.

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This was a decent game. I remember playing it back on the old Xbox.

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There hasn't be a really fun Vietnam FPS since Battlefield Vietnam, we need a good one. Jungle environments could be so awesome with today's tech engines.

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From the pic it looks more like a iOS/Android game.

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@sdecker425: Because it was released over 10 years ago. Reading is hard.

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@klugenbeel: It must be for you since I said "From the pic". You must be either retarded, or Hordor. I highly doubt that you are really Hordor since all you could say is Hordor Hordor Hordor.....................Hordor, so I am going to assume that you are in fact just plain retarded. Thanks for playing!

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@sdecker425@klugenbeel: Ah crap guys, I made fun of a kid on down syndrome. I'm a monster!

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@sdecker425@klugenbeel: The one who can't read, telling someone else to go read and get educated. LOL That's like the blind leading the blind. Yes captain obvious, I know what it is and clearly so do you, but I don't have the emotional conviction of a 5 year old girl like you. Man, how much have you cried this morning?

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@klugenbeel: OMG LOL Did you not read my original post, or do you not have any reading comprehension at all? I said from the beginning the "Pic" not the written artical. I also quoted what I was referring to in my first rebutle, and it still is not sinking into your head. let me spell it out to you. MY COMMENT WAS ONLY RELATED TO THE PIC !

I have at not point cried this A.M. lol, and at which point could you gather enough information about my emotion state to conclude that i have " the emotional conviction of a 5 year old girl"? You are on here attacking me because you cant even under stand my original post lol. good luck on your trolling adventures today!

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id like a new vietnam game an open world would be good

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@alaannn: Like an evolving War on a large scale that is playable online?

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hm.... lets see how this works out!

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Nordic Games not well known, haven't released anything stable and eye-opening ever I don't think?

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Yes, a good vietnam shooter on next gen would do nicely.

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