Vietcong ships

Take-Two's Gathering division announces that it has shipped Illusion Softworks' Vietnam War-themed action game to stores in North America. New screens inside.


Take-Two Interactive's Gathering division has today shipped Vietcong to stores across North America. The first-person shooter, which has been developed by Illusion Softworks in association with development team Pterodon, sees players assuming the role of an elite US soldier during the Vietnam War.

"Vietcong transports players to the Southeast Asia battleground through stunning graphics, intense sound effects and complex missions," said Kelly Sumner, president of Gathering. "This action-packed title will have players riveted as they navigate the varied terrain and constant threat of the jungle war zone."

In addition to the single-player campaign, Vietcong features a number of multiplayer gameplay modes in which players can choose to side either with the US soldiers or the VC guerrilla forces. For more information on Vietcong, which is scheduled for release in Europe on April 11, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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