VideoLogic Gains More UK Support

UK Retailer Electronic Boutique UK signs deal to promote VideoLogic 3D accelerator.


Electronic Boutique UK announced on Thursday that it had signed a new retail agreement with VideoLogic. The deal will allow EB UK to promote VideoLogic's Apocalypse 3Dx 3D accelerator card in its top-level stores. VideoLogic already has a similar deal in US-based EB stores.

With 148 stores in the UK and more then 645 stores globally, VideoLogic has a lot to be happy about.

Jessica Adams, head of marketing for Electronics Boutique UK, said, "The agreement between VideoLogic and Electronics Boutique in the US has been an incredible success as the demand from PC gamers to upgrade their systems with 3D graphics increases."

"We are now looking forward to repeating this success across the UK with VideoLogic's new 3D graphics card, Apocalypse 3Dx. 3D graphics has taken PC gaming to a new level of performance and visual entertainment previously only found in the arcade world," said Kevin Dale, director of sales and marketing for VideoLogic Multimedia Systems.

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