Video Q&A: Kim measures up Microsoft Games

Xbox 360 maker's senior vice president of publishing house talks to GameSpot about how the console's exclusive offerings stack up against the competition.


As Microsoft's senior vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, Shane Kim is quick to point out that the gaming industry is "a hits-drive business." With one look at Microsoft Game Studios' upcoming lineup, it's easy to see that the first-party publisher is playing it safe, relying heavily on new installments in tried-and-true franchises.

Sequels were in abundance at Microsoft Game Studios' Spring Showcase yesterday, with the publisher showing off follow-ups to Epic Games' Gears of War, Team Ninja's Ninja Gaiden, Lionhead's Fable, and Rare's Viva Pinata. However, there were a handful of new properties on hand as well, such as Silicon Knights' long-delayed, just-dated action role-playing game Too Human.

So how will Microsoft's strategy pan out against the competition, and what is the publisher doing to keep the Xbox 360 on top? GameSpot asked Microsoft's Shane Kim just those questions at yesterday's event.

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