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Video: GTA 5 Enters Virtual Reality With This Oculus Rift Mod

PC modders use VR to step into the skin of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.


A rudimentary modification to GTA 5 on PC has allowed Oculus Rift owners to view Los Santos in virtual reality for the first time.

Footage published on YouTube shows players stepping into the skin of protagonists Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, using an Oculus Rift DK 2 to simulate the game in first-person mode.

Though developer Rockstar North has not officially provided Oculus Rift support for its latest Grand Theft Auto title, players have found a way around this by using the latest version of VorpX, which is a software program that allows various game builds to be compatible with VR.

For now, the experiment only offers basic VR functionality, in that head movements are used to move the first-person camera. Due to the game's code not being optimised for virtual reality, the results may be unpleasant and uncomfortable for some users.

Footage aired so far shows one player walk around Michael's house in VR (below), while another captures a bike ride at night (above).

Grand Theft Auto V shipped on PC on Tuesday, April 14, and quickly became the most played non-Valve game published on Steam, with more than 300,000 people playing the game simultaneously.

GameSpot's GTA 5 PC Review offered a strong recommendation to try the game: "GTA V shines on PC thanks to 4K-grade textures, the availability of additional post-processing effects, and an unlocked frame rate."

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