Video Games: The Movie hits funding goal

Mediajuice Studios' documentary on games gets $60,000 in funding in under two weeks; stretch goals revealed.


The Kickstarter campaign for independent film Video Games: The Movie has met its $60,000 funding target for post-production efforts. With 19 days remaining, funding stands at $70,052 from 567 backers.

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The $60,000 was raised in under two weeks and will be used to fund post-production on the film, including editing, a musical score, motion graphics, and the acquisition of licensed archival clips.

Mediajuice also has announced three stretch goals for Video Games: The Movie. Should the project raise $80,000 by June 18, the film will be narrated by an unspecified celebrity. If the project gets to $100,000, Mediajuice will purchase the rights to "popular" songs to be used in the movie.

If funding reaches $120,000 a "famous" band or composer will create a musical score for Video Games: The Movie.

The film features interviews with some of the industry's most experienced and influential designers, celebrities, and executives, including Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau, Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton, and a long list of others.

It aims to highlight many hot-button topics, including the link between video games and real-world violence, games as art, next-generation trends, and stereotypes that "plague" the industry.

Video Games: The Movie also shot a number of scenes on-location at industry events like Comic-Con, Pax, and E3 and studio shoots at places like Gearbox Software, 343 Industries, and Epic Games, among others.

Director Jeremy Snead and Mediajuice Studios originally launched a crowd-funding campaign for Video Games: The Movie through IndieGoGo last year, gathering $1,790 of a $107,550 goal. Unlike Kickstarter, IndieGoGo is not all-or-nothing, thus allowing Snead and Mediajuice Studios to use those funds.

Video Games: The Movie is expected to premiere this summer in Los Angeles, before being released theatrically and on home video and video-on-demand through a distributor yet to be announced.

For more on Video Games: The Movie, check out GameSpot's interview with its creators.

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