Video Game Heardle Is Here To Test Your Gaming Music Knowledge

Put your video game soundtrack knowledge to the ultimate test with this Heardle spin-off.


If you think your talent for recognizing video game music instantly is impressive, then Video Game Heardle is here to put your memory to the test.

Similar to Wordle spin-off Heardle, Video Game Heardle gives you a snippet of music to listen to and guess which game soundtrack the slice of audio comes from. Get it wrong and the music sample will increase slightly, giving you a slightly longer track that you can sift through your memories to discern when and where you first heard it.

The best part of the game though is that win or lose, you'll get to listen to the full track afterward and appreciate the talent behind these tracks. Made by g0m and based on the code from Heardle, you can play a new game each day through the Video Game Heardle website.

The current craze of words and memory reached mainstream success this year with Wordle, which was later sold to the New York Times by its creator, Josh Wardle. For more on Wordle, check out GameSpot's rundown of the best starting words and other tips.

Alternatively, there are a number of other spin-offs to try, including dungeon crawler Dungleon, the salty language of Lewdle, the Swiftie-themed Taylordle, and a battle royale game called Squabble.

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