Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists Revealed

Do you agree with the selections?


After a submission and expert voting process, the New York-based Strong National Museum of Play this week announced the finalists for the first wave of inductees to its World Video Game Hall of Fame.

Games were evaluated by experts based on "icon-status, longevity, geographical reach, and the influence it has had on the design of other games, entertainment, popular culture, and society in general."

You can see the full list of criteria here.

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The fifteen finalists are as follows:

Inductees will be announced during a presentation at The Strong Museum in Rochester, NY on Thursday, June 4, at 10:30 AM. They will then be put on display at the museum's eGameRevolution exhibit.

"The 15 finalists for the World Video Game Hall of Fame span decades, gaming platforms, and geographies--but what they all have in common is their undeniable impact on popular culture and society in general," The Strong Museum's Jon-Paul Dyson said in a statement. “Whether it's the groundbreaking game Pong or a more recent viral sensation like Minecraft, all of these games have helped shape the way that people across the globe play and relate to one another."

Do you agree with The Strong's finalists? Let us know in the comments below!

Back in February, GameSpot editors revealed their own picks for games that should be included in the Hall of Fame. My selection, GoldenEye 007, didn't make the cut.

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I love this list but Angry Birds Kills all credibility

In no way shape or form Is Angry Birds more infulential than the following

Street Fighter

Mortal Kombat

Resident Evil

Final Fantasy (arguably greatest RPG franschise of all time)

How many Angry Bird movies have there been? Because All the above had movies, comics and action figures BEFORE Angry Birds was even thought of. The above games redefined game genres and changed the way we will play video games FOREVER! ....angry birds did nothing new. Scorched Earth on dos is more fun than Angry Birds

I wouldn't put Minecraft on the either except for the fact that some of the stuff people have done is in fact amazing. However I believe the first round should only go to game made before 2000

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@TightNinja: angry bird gave a giant push foward to mobile gaming so it did influence more than these games you named. You cant make a hall of fame with opinions, you have to use subjective facts

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@cquitonpapa@TightNinja: ITs cal;led the world video game hall of fame....angry birds may be popular right now but it not change video gaming the way Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat did. You may have been too young to experience the arcade boom when these two games hit the scene. Even without internet and social media these two games changed gaming forever in a way Angry Birds never did or will

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Doom, Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, Oregon Trail, Pac-Man, Pokemon, Pong, Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and WoW all belong. Angry Birds isn't excellent nor classic. I don't really have any oppinion on FIFA besides that most sports games are updated each year with minimal changes from year to year, making them pretty much the same besides updated rosters.

Avatar image for cquitonpapa

@hunter531: angry bird gave a giant push foward to mobile gaming

Avatar image for rowsell333

Angry Birds is nothing more than a passing fad. You might as well put bloody Candy Crush or Farmville in there. How about putting Elite in there instead as it was possibly the first real open world /sandbox game and thus massively influential?

I would agree with most of the rest of the games in the list, to be fair, (apart from Oregon Trail, which whilst being very close to a number of older gamers hearts, was only really known in the US, as far as I'm aware).

Avatar image for cquitonpapa

@rowsell333: angry bird gave a giant push foward to mobile gaming so it is influencial

Avatar image for raheel134

I think san andreas or gta 5 should be there.
what about LOL?

Avatar image for cquitonpapa

@raheel134: lol isnt the first of its kind

Avatar image for spats77

Diablo, Monkey island, GTA, Command & conquer, Champinship manager. The only time you would play Angry birds is when your having a long shit!

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Like quite a few people on here I too believe Angry Birds shouldn't be on the list; There were flash games years before it that did the same thing and for free. The rest of the games however deserve a spot as each were influential in their own way, either through (re)defining genres or has had a cultural impact that lasted decades.

Avatar image for cquitonpapa

@karloss01: angry bird gave a giant push foward to mobile gaming so it did influence

Avatar image for markswaine1

why isn't Fallout 3 on there, or Desert Strike?

Avatar image for TightNinja


Avatar image for fun683

@markswaine1: I have never even heard of desert strike till now. But all the ones in the pic I have heard of.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

Seems like a fairly solid list to me, though I think perhaps Contra should be on there as well, if only because it popularized what is most likely the most famous cheat code there is.

Avatar image for TightNinja

@LesserAngel: COntra should definitely replace angry birds

Avatar image for prodigy84bg

Not sure if Pokemon or Angry Birds is the worst entry on the list.

WoW and Minecraft are pretty bad choices too.

Avatar image for cquitonpapa

@prodigy84bg: really, you can base a choice by opinion minecraft deserve a spot = to tetris it started the non linear gameplay

Avatar image for saturatedbutter

@prodigy84bg: Minecraft is the most influential game of the 21st century.

If anything doesn't belong it's Pong

Avatar image for CraZkid37

@prodigy84bg: The others I agree but WoW certainly not. What it has spawned and done to the industry has already been solidified in history. It's very deserving.

Avatar image for luky7dayz

@prodigy84bg: Really? The game WoW is the longest supported online game, with blizzard making billions off of their long running RPG. Pokemon (or pocket monsters) started the handheld sensation for nintendo. Angry birds is the best selling mobile game ever, and popularized mobile games to make things like iPhones and android phone gaming what it is today. Minecraft was what really started the rise of indie developers.

All 4 of these games have flipped Gaming on its head, whether you like the game or not is irrelevant. I don't like Fifa but I acknowledge its the largest sports game sensation and has really helped other sports games I do like be what they are today.

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I don't agree with Angry Birds or Minecraft off the start for the HoF. At least not yet. Perhaps down the road, but with huge heavy hitters that are currently on the list, I don't think those should be on there yet

Avatar image for weedsterpkr

@rtkabuto: minecraft is such a huge success and first game of its genre to get this massive fanbase and that popular i dont like the game but i reconize what a great game it is for its genre but just not mine and it deserves to be there but angry birds dont

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@weedsterpkr@rtkabuto: I don't disagree with it being such a success for Minecraft, but take into account the other games on that list have been around for more than 10 yrs. They were pioneers in their respective genres basically. Minecraft is just Minecraft, plus it's not that old at all. You know what reminds me of Minecraft though, is the old game Populous a bit.

Avatar image for cquitonpapa

@rtkabuto@weedsterpkr: minecraft deserve a spot = to tetris it started the non linear gameplay and (truly) open world and random world

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Hmm...pretty decent list...although im torn over Doom being chosen over Wolfenstein...I think they are pretty similar in groundbreaking stuff or popularity

I would've added GTA or Mortal Kombat there probably, just because the sheer amount of controversy they generated over time

Avatar image for pistonsfan2004

No Halo? No Half Life? No Counter Strike?

Avatar image for maitkarro

@pistonsfan2004: Those games above your list are more known to more sheepeople.

Avatar image for pistonsfan2004

@maitkarro@pistonsfan2004: Then should do at least Halo and maybe COD 4 or MW2.

Avatar image for DeadrisingX1

Angry Birds?
*opens the door* Get out.

Avatar image for maitkarro

@DeadrisingX1: What about tetris then, angry birds is basically filling tetris with pigs and trying to knock all the blocks away, showing that the sheepeople want to destroy instead of build now.

Avatar image for maitkarro

For the most played games in the world yeah, the best... each to their own.

If anybody doesn't understand why they were chosen and insist it should be different, then consider that your own single opinion doesn't matter, it's the hall of fame, fame comes with popularity, and for that you need to be wide known by almost everyone. Even then there are so many people who have only maybe heard of Tetris and that's it from the list.

Avatar image for cquitonpapa

@maitkarro: a hall of fame isnt based on opinion or else it would be a "My favorite games" it is based on subjective fact

Avatar image for maitkarro

, though that would be more accurate before angry birds game out, as new gen people might know about that more than tetris.

Avatar image for MasterTae

Angry Birds? What the f...

Avatar image for xtraterry0

I think regular Warcraft should have been chosen instead of WoW.

Avatar image for luky7dayz

@xtraterry0: Warcraft isn't really a supported title sadly. I can't wait for them to make a new Warcraft game, I don't think it should replace WoW, but be its on title on the hall of fame.

Avatar image for zemerax

@xtraterry0: Agreed, And let's not forget if it wasn't for warcraft we wouldn't have WoW or Moba's

Avatar image for grognard66

Solid list for the first round of inductees. Some good suggestions below for further entries, but it's hard to find fault with the initial games chosen.