Video Game Christmas Cards

Test your friends' knowledge of iconic gaming characters with these greeting cards from UK-based GamerPrint.


Nomadic sports teams and the foulness of Hershey's Chocolate aside, one of the more baffling things about the United States is how difficult it can be to buy greeting cards that don't suck. I'm sure there must be great cards available somewhere on this side of the pond, but when friends' birthdays and other special occasions come around, I invariably end up sending cards that I've purchased from the UK either online or while visiting. This Christmas won't be any different.

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In fairness, I hadn't given much thought to looking for Christmas cards for this year just yet, so it's entirely possible that the dearth of desirable designs has been addressed in the 12 months or so since I last went card shopping. Regardless, upon discovering GamerPrint's recently released "Video Game Christmas Cards" I knew that the majority of my card needs for this holiday season were taken care of. Since there are ten different designs included in each pack, I've even started thinking about which cards might be best sent to which friends.

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Packs of 10, 20, 50, or 100 Video Game Christmas Cards are available direct from


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