Video: Battlefield Hardline Lets You Drive a Deadly Couch

Battlefield Hardline has an unusual Easter egg on one of its maps.


Battlefield Hardline's roster of vehicles is fairly different from that of past games, as is to be expected given this is cops-versus-robbers rather than a military-focused game. In addition to the police cruisers and other vehicles you can probably predict, Hardline also has a very strange vehicle for players to find: a sofa.

As discovered by YouTube channel Jackfrags, Hardline allows players to drive around on a couch called The American Dream. It allows for four players to jump on and ride around on what is reportedly the fastest vehicle in the game.

As with other vehicles, you can kill enemy players by running them over. The one difference is that, when you do so with the couch, the kill feed lists the killing weapon as "MERICA."

The American Dream can be found in Hotwire mode on the Dust Bowl map. It spawns in one of several different locations, but only a single time per round--once it's been destroyed, it's gone until the next game begins. Fortunately, the repair tool can be used on the couch to help prevent that from happening.

There's no word yet on whether any DLC will be released to deck out the couch.

Hardline launches next Tuesday, March 17, on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. You can begin playing the Xbox One version right now, provided you're an EA Access member.

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