Vice City linked to Grand Theft Auto V teaser?

Mod site forum poster appears to have deciphered clue in Episodes From Liberty City manual--which shows portion of in-game poster from 2002 hit.

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Source: The forums of modder-friendly mecca

What we heard: When Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City went on sale on October 29, the game was already at the center of a hype storm. However, the game soon was sucked into a speculation maelstrom, courtesy of a very small--and very fake--advertisement on one of the last pages of its manual.

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The ad in question was for a nonexistent film, Liberty City, It's Over, a parody of the anthology New York, I Love You. In its center, the ad shows the cover art from Grand Theft Auto IV inside a torn-asunder heart--a sign some are taking to mean that the Ballad of Gay Tony is the last title of this GTA generation set in Liberty City. Then, below the title, are the words "Next Stop" above a rip in the poster--which shows another image underneath, as though the Liberty City, It's Over poster had been pasted over it.

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The image inside that rip has become the subject of fierce debate. Is it a blue-gray and yellow hillside from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Or does it bear the pastel color palette of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Now, user "Lysergio" claims to have solved the mystery by producing a screen of a fake poster from Vice City. moderator "Gunner" went one step further, overlaying the two posters in an animated .gif to show an exact match when the parody poster is mirrored.

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True to the hard-M-for-Mature ratings of the series, the suggestive poster uses a volcano surrounded by two tree-covered hills to advertise an erectile dysfunction drug. It was apparently on the wall of a porno shop in the game, or possibly the adult movie studio InterGlobal Films. The porn studio was at the center of several Vice City missions, which saw mobster protagonist Tommy Vercetti (voiced by actor Ray Liotta) assist erotic filmmaker Steve Scott (Dennis Hopper) and adult-film actress Candy Suxxx (real-life porn star Jenna Jameson). It is unclear if any of those characters would return, were Vice City to be remade using the Grand Theft Auto IV engine.

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The official story: Rockstar reps had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Though the existence of the Vice City poster could not be confirmed firsthand as of press time, the comparisons are awfully compelling--or an elaborate hoax. However, analysts are already predicting only a two-year gap between 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV and a full-fledged sequel--twice that between 2001's Grand Theft Auto III and 2002's Vice City. With the alleged teaser/fake film ad mentioning the month of March, news of the next GTA could be less than five months away.

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GTA4 has same poster outside the sex shop dude...Gamespot fails at this :(

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It should be placed in arizona right next to the border of mexico.

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Just to ask! Has anyone been able to do police vigilate mission on the ex pack of GTA IV. I keep getting a error message

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Has anyone really Thought about this it's not going to be 5. It's will be Grand Theft Auto: ??????? & Then Grand Theft Auto: ????? & of course Grand Theft Auto V PS4. The Next will most likely big in Florida hopefully with much larger map Then we will go nuts California & then retreat back to New York in Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2016

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How about somewhere in Arizona (Grand Canyon missions & SA combined

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Although it most likely will never happen. A combination of LC, VC & SA with the option to drive or fly to & from each city sense the distance between LC & VC will shorter but cool will a few stops along the way. The Drive SA will might kinda cool a lot of stops along the way & a few safe houses. It needs to go back to Purchasing property & Garages I really don't like resident parking. Their are to many Taxies & hard to park because they are always in your way. A flight to SA will be better then driving because most will not be-able to handle to drive 10,000 from VC to SA or LC to SA . I Could

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I guess they were wrong ;)

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i love GTA and i've head just about all of the theories about what the next installation is going to be. i loved VC and i especially loved SA (favorite one thus far) and i sincerely the next GTA is not in Liberty City. once i purchased EFLC, it was right around the tme everyone was saying that Vice Cit was definitely the next one to be released. once i played ballad of Gay Tony, it all started to become somewhat real to me. between the vice city radio station and all of the references, i could no longer pretend it didnt intrigue me. now i look around and see all of these articles stating that the next GTA will be released Fall 2010 and i'm like, damn... that's now! we keep looking for it and looking for it to be released and i think we're really teasing ourselves. it gets here, it gets here. thnk of it this way; San Andreas came out in Fall 2004. GTA IV came out Spring 2008. that's a pretty long time, when u think about it....

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I have my fingers crossed for Vice City. BTW I don't think that it's going to be GTA V because these are always in Liberty City and the ones in Liberty City always come out on a next generation console.

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I'm going to go insane if I don't get my GTA fix soon! Hurry-up Rockstar

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there are rumors that the new GTA would be in Los Angeles, sounds OK. If that will hapen it woul be great if the protagonist would be a MEXICAN :) .... bit I would like 2 see Vice City before L.A. aka San Andreas :D

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what are they waiting for ... this game is how rockstar makes money they should just come out with a new one already

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2 years between the games? That would mean it would release between now and 6 monhs. So much for those so called 'analysts'

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Well in GTA IV Episodes of LC there are a lot of billboards in the city saying things related to Vice City, there are some graffiti on walls saying "Vice Squad"... The Vice City FM Radio is another proof and even more the 105 minutes it has versus the 30-45 minutes other stations have, why would rockstars care so much about it?.. I think that's obvious who come next as GTA V. There's also publicity to Los Santos and referring to SA so it might be the "GTA VI"... Anyways as one day snows and in the next day is sun who knows what will happen tomorrow ... But we will see when it come out...

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GTA vice city have a different specials than the others.. vice city bring player to enjoy environment, music and especially the beautiful beach.. if vice city come to GTA 5, that is awesome!!!

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@Angel_T_13: Exactly my thoughts!

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I want either GTA 5 to be in Vice City or a remake of Vice City with GTA 4 engine

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My first word in my mind was Vice City and it will be my last.... GTA V will be in Vice City....... I'm 100%....... It'll be called GTA V and it will have 2 or 3 episodes, just like GTA IV

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IT WONT BE CALLED GTA V. It will be like GTA: VC2. The main games take place in liberty city. GTA, GTA II, GTA III, and GTA IV all did, and the others werent part of the main series, but were basically other games with the same gameplay. thats really all the links the spin offs with the main series (the ones with roman numerals in the titles) is the same basic gangster/crime underworld premise, and the similar gameplay (as well as references to the other games cities) There are a few different settings: Liberty City (main GTA games as well as chinatown wars) Vice City (Vice city GTA series) San Andreas, USA (San Andreas Series)

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im not really thinking GTA V, but another in the Vice City series. All the Main ones (or at least III and IV, with the other two not really having a clear location)

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OMG! You guys see the word "Seagull" at the lower right corner of the poster. Thats stand for "A Flock of Seagulls". Thats the band that played "I Ran (So Far Away)", the official theme song of GTA Vice City. That could also be a clue that GTA V might take place in Vice City again!

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they need to bring CJ bak, i miss san andreas...

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I hope Vice City is on the books for GTA V. I'd be a bit disappointed if it were modern day, however. 1986 was fun. Bring back Ray Liotta!

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that sounds good i cant wait...ROCKSTAR take your time making GTA 5 want it to be good like GTA4 , just dont take to long.. none of this episode crap.... we already saw liberty city it was awsome now do the same thing with vice city....

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Same here, Vice City still kicks ass to this day (I sometimes watch the cut scenes on YouTube just to reminisce) I really doubt they could ever get Ray Liotta or any of the others back to voice actors, and R* has a habit of NOT bringing characters back except for brief camos (The GTA III lead was in the race mission in GTASA)

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I have my fingers crossed for a Vice City

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I Think GTA SA. Game Component Hit The Top, It really Kept The Player. Playing For Months & Months Not Just Days Never Felt Overly Repeatative they need to take a step back I think like that again. Or Go Back & Do Remake Replicas Of, VC & SA. With The IV's Engine. Now That Would Be Damn Awesome VC Story Was Really Damn Good Specially Killing Kingpin guy at the end, Take His Mansion Over. Top Notch Voice Acting Great Music choice Great Setting & Scenery placement Considering Graphics level.. Owning The Clubs & Factories All Great fun & runnin a absolute muck in the Shp Mall. & SA had a kinda Crappy Story I Think, But The Game Components How You Build Your Characters Skills up Great Idea. Incouraged you to Go Off Track & train & explore like learning to Duel Weild Guns,Or Increase Accuracy Of Weapons, Car handling Advanced Bike Riding Doin ton of Other Stuff beside Just The Story Line.. & Character Customisation Was Ok to..

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i cant wait so badly till march to know which place will it take place in

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i know it'll be awesome ;D

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i think it'll be awesome :)

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Here ya people giving nice ideas and great images about what ya thinking... i hope Rockstar guys watching this page and similar. If it going right to next gen i'm right with: "8ball2494" ===> "I think Gta V should be all 3 cities put together nd u can take planes to them. But u have to unlock them by beating missions." if it getting to real , gonna blow!!!! its a great idea i thought about it tooo.... ;-)

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Las Venturas. My fav.

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Two words: Miami Beach This is assuming that the next gold release will be set in Vice City. Every GTA I've played since III (set in LC, for those who don't remember or are new to the series), I've been blown away by Rockstar's unrivaled ability to replicate real-world cities and truly make them into their own. Miami, I believe, would be a great start for another Vice City. Why? Well it's like LC but with new paint and new shrubs...and the beach. If they model another VC like they did in GTA4, then Rockstar can expect to receive yet another platinum 360 hit. Bring on the sunscreen!

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it will never be vice city.probably shaped around the country side.

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If the next GTA is going to be GTA V (I hope not), then it would most likely be Liberty City again. Although I do doubt GTA V would be the next one. Like my last post, Vice City 2, and then San Andreas 2 would be an automatic buy for me. You know how GTA SA leaped tons of gameplay since GTA III? Imagine that for GTA IV to SA2. Considering every numbered GTA game has took place in Liberty City (1 and 2 took place in all 3 locations), gives me the idea that it will remain that for GTA V. But who needs GTA V just yet? Sure the DLCs were fun but I do hope those were not the inter-mediate releases (Such as Vice City, and San Andreas). GTA IV advertised Vice City a lot in it, and it seems that the cycle tells us that it will be Vice City next. I personally do not care what location, just do not bring out Liberty City again just yet.

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Idk...maybe another expansion pack for GTA IV that includes a flight to Vice City for a little "vacation" would be cool.

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desperate times call for desperate needs, and yes who said the next game wouldn't be "Grand Theft Auto IV: ???????????" or if they wan't they can release a gta number ne time they well please, new engine or not. It's going to be a long time before we see new consoles or atleast 4 to 5 years. 2012 is the year graphics are supposed to change and upgrade termendously so it could be as soon as 2 to 3 years with a new console, but don't DONT put it past rockstar to release a gta V just for the revenue being the whole market is taking a MAJOR hit and they best stop with this exclusive BS for BOTH consoles it's getting retarded to the point of only buying the game for the single console that gets dlc(stupid contracts). if they keep taking hits like this, there won't be anymore GTA games.

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oh yea... it will not be called GTA 5 , becouse it's the GTA 4 era. GTA 5 era begins with a new console.

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Next stop ''Vice City'' .... 1 or 2 years later....... ''San Andreas''.

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i agree with you peoples, gta v will probably occur next gen and this is probably a vice city 2 sort of thing

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I think Gta V should be all 3 cities put together nd u can take planes to them. But u have to unlock them by beating missions.

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as we know from playing gta 4, Packie is returning to Ireland(or so he says). I think it would be cool to play as him in gta sa style, ie. 3 different cities, Limerick, Dublin and Donegal or something.

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I think it will be a return to Vice City, as banners and posters are up all over Liberty City in Niko's story, advertising flights to Vice City, so it's a possibility.

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It probably wouldnt be GTA V though. That would be feeling a bit too soon. It would probably might be GTA Vice City 2 or something like that. I hope that it does that sort of cycle for the GTA III and IV Era. Vice City 2, and then San Andreas 2, with the finale of the GTA era with GTA V. That would buy me, but that is just my opinion. Lets just hope they do not rush out GTA V without considering boosting it up with sub-releases (And No, DLCs and Episodes do not count).

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It happens with every GTA game since 3. People INSIST on calling the next game city GTA V or GTA VI. Rockstar doesn't up the numbers by city. they up them by game engine and/or console generation. GTA V won't be out until they develope a new game engine or until the next generation of consoles are out. if this does tease the next GTA in this console generation, the titles gonna be anything BUT GTA V.

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If it is based in Vice City, i would love that to be sort of linked to GTA IV, like and expansion pack, but two different games. how cool would it be if you could fly to Vice City from Liberty City!

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I want another GTA game...i also want the DLC for the ps3 :(

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@akhauskinz except that it was LC, SA, then VC in the original GTA, with SA being San Fransisco then an entire state. but i do hope its returning to Vice City, it was my favorite GTA game i've played so far

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Ooo, a return to Vice City? I won't be complaining.