Vice City linked to Grand Theft Auto V teaser?

Mod site forum poster appears to have deciphered clue in Episodes From Liberty City manual--which shows portion of in-game poster from 2002 hit.

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Source: The forums of modder-friendly mecca

What we heard: When Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City went on sale on October 29, the game was already at the center of a hype storm. However, the game soon was sucked into a speculation maelstrom, courtesy of a very small--and very fake--advertisement on one of the last pages of its manual.

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The ad in question was for a nonexistent film, Liberty City, It's Over, a parody of the anthology New York, I Love You. In its center, the ad shows the cover art from Grand Theft Auto IV inside a torn-asunder heart--a sign some are taking to mean that the Ballad of Gay Tony is the last title of this GTA generation set in Liberty City. Then, below the title, are the words "Next Stop" above a rip in the poster--which shows another image underneath, as though the Liberty City, It's Over poster had been pasted over it.

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The image inside that rip has become the subject of fierce debate. Is it a blue-gray and yellow hillside from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Or does it bear the pastel color palette of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Now, user "Lysergio" claims to have solved the mystery by producing a screen of a fake poster from Vice City. moderator "Gunner" went one step further, overlaying the two posters in an animated .gif to show an exact match when the parody poster is mirrored.

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True to the hard-M-for-Mature ratings of the series, the suggestive poster uses a volcano surrounded by two tree-covered hills to advertise an erectile dysfunction drug. It was apparently on the wall of a porno shop in the game, or possibly the adult movie studio InterGlobal Films. The porn studio was at the center of several Vice City missions, which saw mobster protagonist Tommy Vercetti (voiced by actor Ray Liotta) assist erotic filmmaker Steve Scott (Dennis Hopper) and adult-film actress Candy Suxxx (real-life porn star Jenna Jameson). It is unclear if any of those characters would return, were Vice City to be remade using the Grand Theft Auto IV engine.

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The official story: Rockstar reps had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Though the existence of the Vice City poster could not be confirmed firsthand as of press time, the comparisons are awfully compelling--or an elaborate hoax. However, analysts are already predicting only a two-year gap between 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV and a full-fledged sequel--twice that between 2001's Grand Theft Auto III and 2002's Vice City. With the alleged teaser/fake film ad mentioning the month of March, news of the next GTA could be less than five months away.

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only interested if their using a new game engine without bugs and can run native 720p without dropping below 30fps. a fictional dubai would be very interesting and controvercial considering their laws. palm island, 6 lane highways, burj al arab...... their advertising would pretty much be done for free by the press.

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Or maybe people are just looking into this too much?

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I think the more open spread out areas like Miami, or especially the San Andreas world lend themselves more to a driving game than the packed in skyscrapers of Liberty City. I just hope they go for more fun and a more driven story than they did in GTA4.

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Vice City being the next gta could be cool!

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i much prefer vice city over SA...but im not sure Vice City would be the same without the 80s setting.... i was kinda hoping for a new city like london... i guess we will see in the next little bit

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Well, anywhere esides Liberty City is fine. :P

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No San Andreas. Working out was stupid and so where so many other things in that game. BRING BACK VICE CITY with Ray Liotta's voice.

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vice city outside of the 80's wouldn't be the same. frankly we'd like to see the bizarre quasi-present setting of liberty from the second gta, where the gangs were larger than life and warrior-esque. maybe carson city from manhunt? between the smileys and the loonies you can't go wrong.

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THey should do a new game in the San Andreas world. San Andreas was the best because it had every land scape. Imagine going back to it but with a better GTAIV graphix engine. Either way i agree with VenkmanPHD that no matter where the next game is at it will be good.

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The way I see it, no matter what stupid city it's in... it's going to be a fun game! Though... personally I would love to see GTA do a real version of Salt Lake City! Hahhaha then I could kill thepeople who really piss me off... funny underwear wearin' SOBs

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I was really hoping for another gta san andreas.

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@ Lt_gamer Best coment so far LOL :D

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i love san andreas, i really love san andreas, it's the best city, you had deserts, forests, city, towns, enourmous sea, sub acquatic things to do, a GTA V in there will be awesome, and, a new city also would be awesome too, but in the likes of san andreas, full ledged country...

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Fine. Make it Vice City i guess just make it better than GTA4. Some decent content in the release version would be good too rather than waiting for dlc that not all gamers are able to enjoy. Sort it out Rockstar, make something for GTA fans this time. All the fans not just M$ players. I have GTA4 on 360 and the exclusive dlc is a mistake R* need to learn from.

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I'm pretty sure the next game will be a revamped Vice City with the following game being a revamped San Andreas. GTAIV is separate from the GTAIII canon.

Avatar image for Doe-Gahh

To hell with Vice City. San Andreas is where it's at!

Avatar image for EA_LOVER

i want gta iv sa cj

Avatar image for -Raiden-

and a new san andreas. oh yea:)

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Vice city was cool.. i liked that. but a new city would be really cool. something like London or washington d.c!!.. haha.

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I honestly prefer the setting of Vice City over San Andreas. I liked the mobster storyline over gangster, But im not hating on the gangsters, san andreas has waaaaaay more features and land mass than vice city does.

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I knew it :)

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Well this does make sense, given that GTAIV was in every way, a return to GTAIII. I'm guessing that they're going to keep following the model: Early generation hit release which funds...: Second release in that gen, (Vice City), and then something San Andreas -like, which departs a bit from the canon of the brand, but explores the limits of what R* can pull off in a GTA game in a given console generation. That actually makes sense, and frankly I'm excited to revisit familiar locales in new times, new ways, and with the power of this generation's consoles driving the experience. This will be epic.

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i;d love to relive vice city!

Avatar image for ProGamerNerd

i had a feeling the were going to make them in vice and then san, where ever gta games go to even pakistan. it ill remain epic lol. il' be waiting for gta 5 and buyig and might probably beat cods 6 record i hope tho cod 6 is a good game but i dunno i love gta series its my opinion.

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How about a GTA game based on Chicago? There's a mafioso mayor, bad police dept, LOADS of corrupt politicians and govt workers, shootings going on every day, lots and lots of traffic, mass transit nightmares, a lake with rivers branching every direction, several airports, and lots of different suburbs surrounding it. That should be enough inspiration for a GTA game. We've got everything. Who needs the Olympics, this would be better.

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Wherever the next GTA goes, it will be epic. What would be nice: Link all the charatcters in a story line (as long as it makes sense) and have them all playable at some point in the game. Include at least two cities. CJ got to travel to Liberty City for a mission. How about doing something similar with the next game? How about a scaled down London? GTA had a cool expansion pack (1969 London) on the PS1. Heck why not call the guys who did The Getaway. Rock* could really make an epic game and get sales like Modern Warfare 2.

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lame.. new city, rockstar!! come on, now! Tokyo or London, or something different. Just please don't make any remakes.

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@ toysoldier - I haven't played godfather 2, but the gang system was touched on in San Andreas. It was a mandatory in one mission and then it was semi optional, but there were benefits for taking over and defending turf. It was also used in Vice City Stories for businesses. @juberline - stfu hater!

Avatar image for kratos_marcus

GTA:India........... haha Safe house in slums. Killing those call center guys. Terrorist attacks on hotels. tht would be great,

Avatar image for rht992

they will go back to vice city they just have to

Avatar image for traykey1

Good idea, But please DONT use the gta4 game engine.

Avatar image for Narutofan30

I think Returning to vice city would be awesome.

Avatar image for alexkn64

Vice City you say? I'd be all over that. Last GTA game I played and enjoyed.

Avatar image for Excedra

vice city would be great

Avatar image for rohail88
rohail88 glad someone else feels about vice city like i do!

Avatar image for juberline

oh please god no! the first one was awful (although only a few agree, strangely :S). I mean it had a terrible storyline (you never found out who the 3 guys at the start who busted the deal were… wasn‘t that the whole point in the game???), the city felt like a town and was tiny, the main character was a c**k and the missions got... strange (where did half of the guy you worked for had any meaning to the storyline?). Just don't balls it up.

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This looks pretty solid there's loads of vice city hints in gay tony cant wait

Avatar image for X-ColdRush-X

A modern Vice City would be awesome. Though having it set in the 80's would be even better. :) In the end though I don't care where they set it as long as they make GTA5.

Avatar image for Epicurus-Reborn

o man!!! if its true so awesome!

Avatar image for masterlu

Oh come on, now you're just grasping for straws.

Avatar image for 2bitSmOkEy

I'll take Vice City. Or I'll take San Andreas. Or I'll take something completely new. Honestly I don't really care what Rock* does so long as they do it. I gave up wondering if its even possible for these guys to make something less than incredible.

Avatar image for blaze_adeel

vice city it is !! bt what wil it b called surely not gta vice city and gta5 cuz that would be next gen IMO.cuz when vice city came out in 2002 everyone i knew called it gta4 but...........

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oo a remake of Vice City would be incredible

Avatar image for mocho808

I actually wanted san andreas but vice city is still awesome

Avatar image for Ivory-Dynamite

Yes I thought that Vice City might be the next one,It would also be cool to see how vice city looks on a next gen console.

Avatar image for Zerosumgame

one hell of a ugly 3rd person walk-around kind of game, the world would be better place without it. imo. F! F!

Avatar image for onuruca

vice city is always welcomed

Avatar image for Samox

Vice City was my favorite GTA game. I would love to see Vice City used again.

Avatar image for DethSkematik

Aw man, I seriously hope those rumors/speculations turn out to be true. Granted, we're probably a long ways off from GTAV (and the game will be awesome regardless of setting), but Vice City is perhaps the most attractive city in all the GTA eras ;).