Vice City linked to Grand Theft Auto V teaser?

Mod site forum poster appears to have deciphered clue in Episodes From Liberty City manual--which shows portion of in-game poster from 2002 hit.

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Source: The forums of modder-friendly mecca

What we heard: When Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City went on sale on October 29, the game was already at the center of a hype storm. However, the game soon was sucked into a speculation maelstrom, courtesy of a very small--and very fake--advertisement on one of the last pages of its manual.

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The ad in question was for a nonexistent film, Liberty City, It's Over, a parody of the anthology New York, I Love You. In its center, the ad shows the cover art from Grand Theft Auto IV inside a torn-asunder heart--a sign some are taking to mean that the Ballad of Gay Tony is the last title of this GTA generation set in Liberty City. Then, below the title, are the words "Next Stop" above a rip in the poster--which shows another image underneath, as though the Liberty City, It's Over poster had been pasted over it.

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The image inside that rip has become the subject of fierce debate. Is it a blue-gray and yellow hillside from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Or does it bear the pastel color palette of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Now, user "Lysergio" claims to have solved the mystery by producing a screen of a fake poster from Vice City. moderator "Gunner" went one step further, overlaying the two posters in an animated .gif to show an exact match when the parody poster is mirrored.

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True to the hard-M-for-Mature ratings of the series, the suggestive poster uses a volcano surrounded by two tree-covered hills to advertise an erectile dysfunction drug. It was apparently on the wall of a porno shop in the game, or possibly the adult movie studio InterGlobal Films. The porn studio was at the center of several Vice City missions, which saw mobster protagonist Tommy Vercetti (voiced by actor Ray Liotta) assist erotic filmmaker Steve Scott (Dennis Hopper) and adult-film actress Candy Suxxx (real-life porn star Jenna Jameson). It is unclear if any of those characters would return, were Vice City to be remade using the Grand Theft Auto IV engine.

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The official story: Rockstar reps had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Though the existence of the Vice City poster could not be confirmed firsthand as of press time, the comparisons are awfully compelling--or an elaborate hoax. However, analysts are already predicting only a two-year gap between 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV and a full-fledged sequel--twice that between 2001's Grand Theft Auto III and 2002's Vice City. With the alleged teaser/fake film ad mentioning the month of March, news of the next GTA could be less than five months away.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I loved it when people would say GTAIV was Vice City back in 2002 and I said, no its a continuation of GTA3. If you play the first GTA game the stages are Liberty City, Vice City then the last stage is San Andreas. :rolleyes:

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lc, vc, sa doesn't matter gta is ****in gta

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I get giddy everytime a new full fledged GTA sequel is hinted at..what can I say..jack'n a fool is a great American past time now. apple pie. baseball. gta. it fits.

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This is what is probably going to happen. In March they are going to announce the next GTA and where it is going to be. They will say stay tuned for E3 for more. When E3 roles around they will show a trailer and maybe some gameplay. They will announce the release date for this GTA then and it will prolly be around OCT, NOV. or DEC. That what it looks like to me.

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I actually like the dubai idea, it would be a different enviroment. And am i the only who hopes GTA V will revert back to the old engine? Who cares about shiny graphics when the games were kickass! But then again i'll be happy with the current engine as long as R* dosn't go for realsm again. Though i wouldn't mind SA again, Los Venturas was the best!

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I love the way Rockstar puts those little things in their games. It adds a reason to explore the city.

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i live right next to miami and gta vice city for ps2 is nothing like miami (size wise) so if they made it to scale it would be a great location.

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New Liberty City blew me away, so did Vice City 1, so imagine if they remade Vice City to look alot like Miami (like LC is remade to look like NY) Here's how I think it will go, they'll remake Vice City, then wait until the next console comes out before doing a San Andreas remake, which will still run on the GTA IV engine, however all 3 cities in San Andreas will be the size of Liberty City, not to mention the desert and the country. What do you guys think?

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If they made a new GTA in Vice City it would be cool to work for an older Tommy Vercetti. Imagine if you were forced to kill him in one of the later missions? Would be pretty epic. But what character could possibly have the balls? I like the idea of returning to Vice City. Why not? It was a great place for GTA, just a bit small. I'd like to see a revamped, enlargened Vice City, but more modern day. Maybe 8-10 years later? London is a interesting concept, but I don't think I would enjoy it like VC or SA. I'd actually like to see something awesome like being able to fly from Vice City to San Andreas or one of the cities from San Andreas or something. I think an expansion like that would really add to the depth of GTA, creating a boundary not confined to just Vice City or San Andreas, but one that unites both worlds for a richer experience. Afterall, it is GTA V. Let's go crazy!!!

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ya i would like to see snow tornadoes etc , , but i doubt they will

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lets just cut to the chase we know rockstar to a t and they will make the next gta in vice city , a new one , , then they will do another remade of san andreas, then go into the next gen with a new ny , then another vice then another san andreas bla bla bla its going to keep repeating it self , it has been since ps1 gta had 3 cities,. ny miami/vice and la/san andreas ps2 had san andreas vice and 3 in ny and lcs and vcs , , psp and ctw ds psp iv ny 360 ps3 ,, and whats next , , theres only been 1 london ,

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So far they've just remade all the old 2D cities in 3D, so logically it should be London next, but Rockstar's project managers have their heads buried so deep in buckets of cocaine it'll probably be GTA: Land of the Blue Toilet Fairies.

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if u average all the years together that gta takes place in u get 1994 so thats my guess lol

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What will be interesting is if it's the Vice City of the 80's or the Vice City of Now..very interesting story options there.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I hope its back in vice city during the 80's, to me that was the best of a the gta's

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i truely hope next gta is not in ny. i am tired of ny. also i hope rockstar brings back the fun making the games feel less realistic then gta4. hope they bring great things in gta SA back bikes, cutom cars, planes, and alot more

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I think it's going to be a GTA Hawaii

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I also read elsewhere that the tear in the poster is somewhat in the shape of the northwestern part of France. Right now, this 'teaser' could be hinting at any location.

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I have vice city for my ps2. But my ps2 froze it while doing my mission. I don't know that my new ps2 slim is going to do it.

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Vice City was the best (funnest) GTA hands down...

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yeah vice city is where it's at for GTA V (5)

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Vice City, then San Andreas.

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Vice City rocked! Maybe because it had a theme that most of us had not experienced, and that is living in the 80's. Idk why but I think it would be kinda cool to see a GTA:Future kind of thing. Where it's set somewhere in the year 3000 or something like that. But I guess that would take away the whole feeling of the series, but still on paper it sounds kind of cool to me.

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No San Andreas :(?

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vice city was awesome....but you cant go back...go somewhere new like Tokyo or Paris (which might suck but still)

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If that's the case then i just hope they will be doing something about the car physics, and make it somewhat more colorfull and over-the-top like The Ballad of Gay tony, because that episode was AWESOME!

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I thought the GTA series kept getting better until GTAIV. I spent over 120 hours on San Andreas but I've yet to spend more than 15 with GTAIV despite owning it for half a year. It just lacks something that made the others so much fun.

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The evidence is severely lacking, we have no idea if it will be a remake, I bet it won't. Once again Pachter said, early 2010. I say late 2010 or early 2011. No way will we see a GTA for the consoles any sooner.

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Vice City was my Fav city as well in the GTA series. I liked the whole boys in the hood theme with San Andreas but i felt it was just too much map in that game. I miss the feel of Miami and the nightclubs and Boats.

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vice city was the best and still the best one GTA series and if they done it right this time the next installment will be a total hit . its clear that GTA will be alive for a long time since its big title that make Rockstar famous the question is now what the release time is it next year or 2011

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Wooohoooo, Vice City here we come! Best place in the GTA Universe! Why? Sun, ladies, coke, and a mob run by Tommy Vercetti.

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No console exclusive this time around and I'll get it. If there is, I'll skip this like I did with GTAIV.

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I hope Vice City will be in the next GTA, VC saved GTA3 from being a complete borefest, hopefully it can do the same for GTA4 and get away form the brown muck that is liberty city and Rockstar please get rid of the friend system where you have to take people out for dinner n pool etc, who cares, and add more things to do outside of the normal missions, GTA4 was a huge step backwards since GTA:SA, Rockstar go forward with your games not backwards.

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well it dosnt look like london

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either way, it will be a new game. think about it. san andreas took place in what, 1992, 1993? so if it came out in 2010, it will be nearly 2 decades from san andreas. vice city? the early 80s, mid 80s? it would be approaching 2 and a half decades since. london? thats almost HALF A CENTURY since london 1969! so either way those saying the games will be rehashes, the games may be in the same cities we have known, but a far departure from the games we know

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No remakes! It gets boring, same ideas yea but it would be nice for change. Maybe add snow for a city, natural disasters (floods), Destroyable buildings (to some degree). Think ouside the box!

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i like vice city but they should really go back to san andreas

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@ fps_d0minat0r take a history class bud. you have no clue what your talking about kid.

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I say Vice City !!

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Man you know how Rockstar works, it's way to soon to even call it bogus. Cause we know it's going to come out but not till 2011 or even 2012.

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either one would be great. i loved VC and SA and was bored by both III and IV. i dont know why but liberty city games just arent as fun as the others.

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That could be fun. i'd like to see what vice city looks like modernized. But the have to up the fun factor to the series again. saints row may have been campy but it was a lot more fun the last gta.

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Other rumors say that GTA V will be PS3 exclusive (could be on pc too), and that it will either be as big as Vice City, San Andreas and Liberty City combined, or include all three places.

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I wanted them to remake Vice City $o badly,$mart move rock$tar.They mu$t of known its one of my favorites.

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That would be cool to see it remade like Liberty City was remade.

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I'm still waiting for a new GTA London.