Vice City linked to Grand Theft Auto V teaser?

Mod site forum poster appears to have deciphered clue in Episodes From Liberty City manual--which shows portion of in-game poster from 2002 hit.

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Source: The forums of modder-friendly mecca

What we heard: When Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City went on sale on October 29, the game was already at the center of a hype storm. However, the game soon was sucked into a speculation maelstrom, courtesy of a very small--and very fake--advertisement on one of the last pages of its manual.

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The ad in question was for a nonexistent film, Liberty City, It's Over, a parody of the anthology New York, I Love You. In its center, the ad shows the cover art from Grand Theft Auto IV inside a torn-asunder heart--a sign some are taking to mean that the Ballad of Gay Tony is the last title of this GTA generation set in Liberty City. Then, below the title, are the words "Next Stop" above a rip in the poster--which shows another image underneath, as though the Liberty City, It's Over poster had been pasted over it.

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The image inside that rip has become the subject of fierce debate. Is it a blue-gray and yellow hillside from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Or does it bear the pastel color palette of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Now, user "Lysergio" claims to have solved the mystery by producing a screen of a fake poster from Vice City. moderator "Gunner" went one step further, overlaying the two posters in an animated .gif to show an exact match when the parody poster is mirrored.

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True to the hard-M-for-Mature ratings of the series, the suggestive poster uses a volcano surrounded by two tree-covered hills to advertise an erectile dysfunction drug. It was apparently on the wall of a porno shop in the game, or possibly the adult movie studio InterGlobal Films. The porn studio was at the center of several Vice City missions, which saw mobster protagonist Tommy Vercetti (voiced by actor Ray Liotta) assist erotic filmmaker Steve Scott (Dennis Hopper) and adult-film actress Candy Suxxx (real-life porn star Jenna Jameson). It is unclear if any of those characters would return, were Vice City to be remade using the Grand Theft Auto IV engine.

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The official story: Rockstar reps had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Though the existence of the Vice City poster could not be confirmed firsthand as of press time, the comparisons are awfully compelling--or an elaborate hoax. However, analysts are already predicting only a two-year gap between 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV and a full-fledged sequel--twice that between 2001's Grand Theft Auto III and 2002's Vice City. With the alleged teaser/fake film ad mentioning the month of March, news of the next GTA could be less than five months away.

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Guys the reason that the order continues to follow LC, VC, SA is because those were the three cities in the ORIGINAL GTA. I like the order and I don't think any new cities are really necessary. East Coast, South Coast, West Coast. What do you guys want, the endless corn fields in the midwest?

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another one? what are they out of ideas or something?

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i wan't the cops to have tazers this time and dogs. add some more roomy sk8 parks there way to closed in on gta 4 for the bikes. i wan't to be able to have customizable cars n' such. i don't want too much new stuff i wanna leave some bumper room for san andreas to be fun if vice citys is what they do next.

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Doesn't matter where GTAV takes place in my opinion. I'm sure it will be great.

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pleaaaase skip VC and jump right to SA !!!

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Vice City/80s theme with the 'IV' engine would be an instant purchase for mine. ...As long as the mission structure was Vice City's also, NOT GTAIV's. (ie. organic, not linear and boring as hell).

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Eh? A new GTA - who figures....

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The volcano poster isn't from Vice City, its from the Sex Shop in GTA IV...

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Maybe it's gonna be GTAIV: Vice City or something like that.

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San Andreas would be better imo but they are probably going to do that after vice city anyway. I just hope they add more guns like the amount san andreas had plus all the melee weapons(chainsaw,katana,etc..) and also give us some dismemberment

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I wouldn't mind playing GTA V in Vice City. Imagine the water effects... :P

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i dunno man, playing in vice city the way you do in 4 would almost feel dishonoring to me. had so much mindless fun in vice city. imma stick with sr2 until gta5 comes out and ive played it a bit before buying. but i really loved vice n san andreas.

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if it is vice city, make it bigger

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The next one would be good if they revisited San Andreas or maybe a totally new city. Vice city was the worst of the series though because every thing was cheap on it in the 80's.

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Next GTA in March ??? I dont believe it. Much more plausible is a next GTA end of 2010, and "Episodes from Liberty City" for PS3 and PC in March. That would be the meaning of "Opens everywhere in March" for the film "L.C. it's over" (i.e. the end of L.C., Episodes from L.C.).

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wow, people need to get alife.... i have no idea what the hell you all see...yes there will be a GTA V..because without it rockstar/take 2 is doomed.

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@Toysoldier34, The control territory issue that you bought up about GTA has already been done in San Andreas.

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GTA Newcastle for the win.

Avatar image for gnrlstuart

yeah thats true, plus there is so much british voicework and talent that goes into the game, i always thought a london based gta would be the way to go, set out like a great big island with a big split (the river) in the middle, plus you have all the cliche boroughs, brixton, hackney and south london make the slums, notting hill and kensington and chelsea make up the affluent neigbourhoods, hammersmith and chiswick make up the average neigborhoods, and the city make up the skyline. its the perfect place to make a game.

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i want gta5 too be in 3 citys like the west coast miami and philly

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I think were gonna see a china town wars style san andreas game for the psp. But GTAs next console installment needs to be somewhere outside the US, or atleast in a different time period. I think GTA : Churchill city set in 1960s/70s london just like GTA london. Theres so much they could do with that, plus us Brits created the GTA series and Rockstar North, Rockstar Leeds (responsible for the portable GTAs), Rockstar Lincoln, Rockstar London are all based in the UK. To be honest im surprised we haven't seen a 3D UK based GTA yet. And because our cities are so much smaller you could fit several in one game. e.g Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, London would all make great GTA worlds. And the many surrounding areas of these cities. The music would still be good because there's allot of British Music around the 60s and 70s, plus some really good American music at that time too with vietnam era. We had Mod, rocker, teddy boy, hippy culture at that time. Later came skin heads, Punks, Casuals, Scallies/Chavs. We had immigrants from the west indies and the indian subcontinent coming in the 60s. Now we have immigrants from all over coming in if they want to have an immigrant protagonist again. So much great and fresh material to go at. You cant go wrong. Please dont just make another USA based game. GTA needs to change as every person I talk to said that they got bored of GTA IV and that it was nothing new. I don't really see how GTA could go out of English speaking nations.

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to be honest vice city was the best in the series. it had the worst colour palette, the worst music and the worst characters. how i loved it so much. sooo much. it would be great for rockstar to revisit...

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Given how beautifully New York was rendered, i cant wait.

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I would for sure play a San Andreas Stories type game or even a GTV V set in San Andreas or Vice City. They would have to cut down on the driving from location to location within missions however, this is becoming way too tedious in GTA IV.

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As a Miami resident, I'm definitely looking forward to another Vice City rendition. I hope they use a modern day version though, CSI Miami and other stuff have kind of revived interest in the town, and there's a much bigger skyline than even 10 years ago that they can work with, among other things. Maybe they could expand it to include Orlando to have a big parody disneyworld? I loved Ballad of Gay Tony, if they could make an entire game with that tone (which really, was fairly similar to vice city) I would buy it once for each of my systems!

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I hope that gta goes somewhere new because playing in vice city will be too much like the old vice city.

Avatar image for armand237

I expect it to be Vice City then San Andreas again, would be great because: GTA 3 = Basic Grand Theft Auto (Shows its new engine, as GTA 4 did.) Vice City = Added new features Which means the next GTA should add new features (Not helicopter or boats as we already have that) San Andreas = The final addition to GTA. Making the game great.

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i just hope the next gta is fun

Avatar image for terror_ninja

I hope the next GTA is like a baby that IV and SA had.

Avatar image for razgriz_101

a more up to date remake of VC with the same story but a more vast and expansive city and R* will have me sold.I promise i would gladly go to a midnight launch for this.

Avatar image for webdoom

wow, some people are really good at making connections! i would have never figured any of this out.. kudos

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I can't wait, vice city was by far my favorite last generation. I just hope they don't try to make it a 21st century setting. Honestly, for all of those worried (Oh noes visiting another old location) the changes between 3 and IV were significant, I expect the same with this, if that wasn't enough I think you need to find another game series about stealing cars.

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hmmm... I think you're misinterpreting the clues... it seems to me the clues are specifically pointing to spikey balls, which to my keen intellect and superior deductive reasoning skills clearly indicates the next GTA will be set in the Arctic Circle. Frigid cold = testicular pain. Wallah... there you go. Mystery solved.

Avatar image for xTheExploited

I really want them to have a GTA in a London type settings. If they go back to another city that they have ALREADY done before, then I'm going to be annoyed. I want a completely new city.

Avatar image for jay_rock_

Who cares I m buy t no matter where they stop..

Avatar image for MERGATROYDER

Give me a bigger area to run around (like San Andreas) with more options (like San Andreas) and make a story that allows for people to play as either multiple characters or choose 1 of maybe lets say 4 individuals. We have the technology.

Avatar image for yankeefanboy13

if they make a new grand theft auto, make it like san andreas, you could do so much stuff in that game, like working out eating, parachuting, fly planes, etc.... now that was a gta game

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Grand Theft Auto V and the location: Japan!:)

Avatar image for rnmp

GTA: Cusco Stories would be awsomee

Avatar image for Voxsartoria

GTA: Scandinavia :P They should make one. It would be awesome. Or GTA: Europe

Avatar image for Baconbits2004

Uuhnt, actually, I agree with you, an actually actual city would be pretty neat, actually.

Avatar image for xApocalypse2012

A new vice city would be bad ass...hell, a new GTA game would be bad ass!!

Avatar image for Uuhnt

@ NuKkU actually, actually i would like to actually see an actual city actually in like a city, actually...

Avatar image for NuKkU

i actually would rather see san andreas then vice city to be honest but i actually would like to see a whole new location actually

Avatar image for mikemaj82

just remember that development on GTA IV began right after San Andreas, and look how long it took to come out. They better not rush GTAV out right away.

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The problem with GTA IV to me, was even though i was playing i never felt part of the game... GTA Vice City on the other hand (my fav one) i held property i saved up for i had houses & businesses & cars etc... and i played/completed VC about 5 times. + played it for 100s of hours to just mess about / collect money etc GTA IV i had... well, a cell phone with an annoying cousin that phoned me every 30mins asking to play pool while on way to a mission... and GTA IV ive completed once (and it was difficult to stay interested) & not put the disc in since. Personally if GTA V had GTA IV's gameplay/graphics, with VC's property system (tweaked abit), with SA's gang territory wars, with an interesting map with hills / woodland included and bring back to good old rags to riches gameplay we all loved... I'd be one happy customer. And add scaling difficulty (harder with 2 players than 1) full campaign co-op... id probably quit my job.

Avatar image for Balaji1212

I think it will be a horrible idea,seriously they need to revolutionize the whole GTA formula. GTA IV for me was a good game but half way through it i got bored while with San Andreas and Vice city i just couldn't get enough of it,if they don't do something Fresh and Major i think they will destroy the whole Franchise and Going back to Vice City is not the solution,common rockstar dudes show some creativity and imagination,already this whole GTA-ish open world genre is totally played out and the last thing we need is a remake.

Avatar image for Lewka

It would be so awesome if they include the original Vice City soundtrack (in addition to some new stuff), the whole thing, 'cause it was amazing.

Avatar image for omarsh94

San Andreas HD is all i want

Avatar image for Uthar_Wynn

I love Vice City and all, and I'm sure the next GTA will be absolutely fantastic. But eventually it would be nice to see something totally fresh and original for the setting. But I trust Rockstar to keep things interesting.