Vice City lawsuit switcheroo

Haitian-American groups drop their federal lawsuit against Take-Two--in favor of a state case.


The good news for Take-Two: a Miami Haitian-American group is dropping their federal lawsuit against the publisher. The bad news for Take-Two: the group is now planning a state lawsuit against the company in Florida. According to the Miami Herald, the Haitian group's lawyer felt their case was better-suited to a state court, where it would avoid the more lenient federal freedom-of-speech standards.

For those unfamiliar with the case, the suit is a result of the outrage over the now-infamous "Kill all the Haitians" level in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Following protests in New York City, several Haitian-American community groups in Miami filed suit again Rockstar parent Take-Two late last year. The suit also targeted several nation-wide retail chains--including Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy--as well as multinational corporations Sony and Microsoft. The game also elicited protest from the Haitian government, with consular official Mario Dupuy saying, "this racist game is psychologically extremely dangerous and is an incitement to genocide."

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