Viacom says Xfire is PS3-bound

[UPDATE] Media giant is working on a version of its recently acquired PC utility for the new console--but Sony now claims the service will be limited to a single SOE game.


When Sony first talked about the PlayStation Network Platform in March, it described a suite of communication features that included messaging, voice and video chat, matchmaking, ranking, and friends lists. Now, it appears that some of those functionalities will be handled by a PlayStation 3-specific version of the PC gaming utility Xfire--although it appears to be for only a single game.

Xfire was acquired by Viacom in April, and currently boasts more than 5 million registered users. Last month, a Viacom conference call reporting the company's second-quarter earnings included a brief mention of the service--and Sony's next platform.

"Importantly, Xfire just signed a deal with Sony to create a version of their platform for the new PS3, which will now enable Xfire to extend its reach further into the huge console gaming market," the company's then-president and CEO Tom Freston said in a transcript. Freston was removed from his position by the company's board of directors earlier this month.

While Xfire is primarily an in-game instant messaging program, it also offers some Xbox Live-like features, such as friends lists and chat options. However, the earnings call did not specify how many of these would be integrated into a PS3 version of Xfire, or how large a role Xfire might play in the system's PlayStation Network Platform.

[UPDATE] The plot thickened late on Tuesday, when Sony Computer Entertainment America gave 1up this statement. "We can confirm that Sony Online Entertainment is in talks with Viacom and Xfire for a single, specific PS3 game. However, there are no announcements at this time regarding any discussions between SCEA, Viacom and Xfire," a rep reportedly said.

Sony Online Entertainment's Chris Kramer went one step further, telling the site the name of the title in question. "SOE has been in talks with Xfire about potentially including some of their technology in Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, our PlayStation 3 launch title," he said. "This proposed deal is completely separate and independent from the PlayStation Network Platform, and is something that SOE was examining specifically for Dark Kingdom. More information on Xfire and Dark Kingdom will be coming soon."

For his part, Xfire CEO Mike Cassidy flatly denied the service would be the backbone of Sony's answer to Xbox Live, as some had speculated. "Xfire is not part of the PlayStation Network Platform. We are in discussions with Sony Online Entertainment, but I cannot comment any further," he reportedly said.

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This is gonna be hot

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There we go again, a guy saying innovation what do you whant of innovative, name me something that you could add to the live and lets see, because, phones arent innovative.

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why need something new? to have a familiar system in place at launch will be welcome and invite gamers to a comfortable enviroment. besides, every time sony innovates something bad is bound to happen.

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xbox 360's live capabilities do everything that xfire does for pc games. when sony show me something new rather than this garbage then ill consider a purchase. but with all this bad news. they have screwed up. INNOVATION SONY. youd think they would have realised by now

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xfire on ps3?tis is the best thing TAT EVER HAPPENS!!!

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wow, the first feature i like about the ps3. i'm a big pc gamer, so it really comes in handy when i'm playing DoD source, CSS, BF2, and pretty much every other game for pc,. so xfire is pretty handy for me, cuz of the simplicity to bring it up and use it. so. i give the xfire idea an A+

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It seems to me that instead of making another blindly stupid decision about the PS3, Sony is actually doing something smart. From what I've read, it looks more like they're trying to test it out on one game first before making it the standard for all of them. That way, it won't end up like the ps2's online, or something equally mishappen. I could just as easily be wrong, of course. I'm just hoping I'm not, because although I favor the Wii, losing the PS3 would be detrimental to the industry.

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Oh no,,,, more things to buy for the ps3? come on man, what are they doing? Maybe in this case they should go the rout the xbox went. I mean, this is next gen gaming right? I thought online play would be a big thing with these next gen systems. Okay, make like a Counter Strike 2 for PS3 and then i'll go get it.

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I'm a huge sony fan, but I have to admit that they're gonna need more than xfire to make good online. The ps2's online was horrible, I'd rather pay for xbox live than have to buy an online adapter and hd just to play a few games online.

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xfire on a console probably wont be nearly as good as PC, and i dont think Sony can even touch Xbox live's service which has been running for years and everybody knows the PS2 online service is garbage................

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X-Fire is awesome i have it for CS... Wo000 too bad its only for one game .. hahahaha... ohh well

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Xfire is pretty cool, i used it when i played cs... it might be alright on PS3, but not a console-selling feature

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Tycho likes it. He has similar feelings and theories some of us do as well. I still think Sony is denying it because they weren't ready to announce it.

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I don't think this has anything to do with competition between consoles, I don't understand the hater comments... It just looks like Sony and their content developers are gong shows. I hope the PS3 doesn't sink Sony... I like their speakers and stereos!

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Ya xfire sux, if i want to play a game and want no one to know what im playing then leave me alone.

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hah i totally agree with a_dirty_hippy, I just wouldn't have been so harsh but yeah the xfire isnt such a big deal

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i love you fan boys as some one i read put it. sony fanboys. are aggressive, but they know what they are talking about and see a value in getting something that would cost well over $1500 sold separate. Xbox360 fanboys. are very defensive possibly insecure because they cant get over the fact not every one likes what they have or doesnt think its the best. also no one sees that xbox live is a ripe of f. come on subscription fee's and points that you have to buy to even download things. but they have a nice system that just needed a few more months of devolpment. WII fanboys. well they have the occasional rebellious 1 but the others soon put them back into place. WII fanboys are very logical in not getting involved in your crazyness i respect them. but i cant get over the motion detection system i mean i dont want to be trying to hold that thing still while im racing or flighing ect. but its inovative i'll give them that.

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Blah.. Nothing too special... -_-;

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call it the PSFire not the Xfire

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xfire isnt really that great

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xfire kinda sux

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There is one big problem with Xfire, it has X and X resembles Xbox.

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Sony's PS3 launch. The comedy gift that keeps on giving.

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wtf wow the ps3 isnt supposed to be a pc (well technically it is a computer but not like a desktop comp) its supposed to be a gaming console if i wanted to get a comp id build my own consoles are slowly straying away from wat made them great the games!!!

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personally I don't use x-fire, tried it out but I like useing the VOIP programs like Teamspeak and Ventrillo. But with so many people using X-fire consistantly I don't see how this could be bad. I wont use it personaly but I am sure other will love it.

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This got debunked by Sony. Sony announced that only Untold Legends is using Xfire, the actual online service isn't based on Xfire.

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sounds great!!!

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x-fire is great...for the PC not PS3!

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xfire is way cool, but it should not go to the ps3 go to the xbox 360 or stay with the pc. I love xfire for pc!!!

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Ok this isnt bad at all b/c other online games will probably try to get xfire onto their games too.

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Too much hate btwn system owners, I personally will be getting a PS3 my best friend owns a 360, but do I tell him that his system blows and he is gonna wish he bought a PS3? No I go over and play games just as he will when I get my new system. Some consoles just don't do it for people doesn't mean that we have to constantly bash each other. Buy what you want and be proud of it but stop being such egotistical asses.

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PS3 haters are everywere....WORK you lazy basta...!!!!

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If they are seeking this solution for only one game, does that mean that they won't support these features on all games? Sounds likely if the 1up story is true.

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Mkeegs79 wrote: "t doesnt matter. Those haters are not even getting a PS3. They just bash it because.. 1. They cant afford it. 2. They want to feel secure that their system is the best. 3. They are mental. I am leaning toward mental. " *Sighs* I love it when people bring up those first two reasons. Okay, they might apply to those under the age of 16-17, but COME ON. Thats just rediculous. First of all, the only people that shouldn't be able to afford one (after said person has purchased a different competing console) are kids whose parents don't want to spoil them or teens who are too lazy to get a job. Second, that comment regarding fanboyism and such only applys to certain people as well. I for one MIGHT get a PS3, of course it'll be a couple of years from now. The reason? I just don't see a point in owning both a 360 AND a PS3 at the moment. The PS3 doesn't have exclusives that look appealing to me (keyword: ME), and it pretty much includes the same features as the 360 plus a Blu-Ray drive. Uh, no thanks. I'm gonna stick to the Wii's progress for the moment. Now your last reason, the lack of mentality in those who don't want one is even more ridiculous. In fact, that alone glows with the essence of fanboyism. Kthxbai.

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from what ive gathered over the years sony fanboys are really aggresive to other people nintendo fanboys are really happy and compliment nintendo nonstop microsoft fanboys are confussing - they thrive on the 3rd party. hmm either way - lousy sony! hahahaha

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haha good one charlie LOST cause. You hitted the nail

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Sony is not using Xfire as a standard but only in one game.

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K1LLSWIOTCH: dont worry demollyon will probably say its not a reliable dont bother with him you cant reason with a angry fanboy...and worse if he is a 360 fanboy...he is what you can call a LOST cause

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cool, xfire is a great program

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Thats going to be so cool..

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k1llswitch give up demollyon is just a braindead fan who is unable to define its own limits. If he whants to keep on the insults, then so be it. We will be here to show him how wrong he is. Besides, what is he doing here anyway, its not that he is going to convince us, and he hasnt shown any bit of actual proof to back him up.

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demollyon here is a site for the specs of the PS3. << LINK REMOVED >> Click on "about" then go to "How can I upgrade the 20gig hard drive" It will tell you right there that the hard drive is removeable. You can replace it with a more larger compacity drive

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jonjon81 Ok you come up for a more logical reason for bashing Sony by saying they are going down, their empire is over, as so on and so on. Why be so offensive against Sony? Its ridiculous! Viva 360Wii? Give me a break! I have a 360. Big deal.

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such a ratarded as dem, it doesnt say16 because of my age, but because of my bd day. so you mess with smth you knew nothing and got screwed

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Charlie2688 wikipedia? and how is that a trustful source? are you kidding me? i could write mumbo jumbo in wikipedia.... give me a good source... i mean joystiq, IGN, Gamespot, or whatever is written by someone with brains.

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lol..."shynethabones," I was barely even talking about the console. I was talking about some fool bragging about his supposed income on a game forum, and only incidentally about how some people just don't want a PS3. And if you want to psychoanalye the reasons why, "Mkeegs79," knock yourself out - and once you've reached your conclusion, let me know what it REALLY feels like to be mental. No offense!

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demollyon: can you say wikipedia? but if you are too lazy to type PS3 in wikipedia why no try << LINK REMOVED >> it CANT be more easy even you can do it...