Viacom says Xfire is PS3-bound

[UPDATE] Media giant is working on a version of its recently acquired PC utility for the new console--but Sony now claims the service will be limited to a single SOE game.


When Sony first talked about the PlayStation Network Platform in March, it described a suite of communication features that included messaging, voice and video chat, matchmaking, ranking, and friends lists. Now, it appears that some of those functionalities will be handled by a PlayStation 3-specific version of the PC gaming utility Xfire--although it appears to be for only a single game.

Xfire was acquired by Viacom in April, and currently boasts more than 5 million registered users. Last month, a Viacom conference call reporting the company's second-quarter earnings included a brief mention of the service--and Sony's next platform.

"Importantly, Xfire just signed a deal with Sony to create a version of their platform for the new PS3, which will now enable Xfire to extend its reach further into the huge console gaming market," the company's then-president and CEO Tom Freston said in a transcript. Freston was removed from his position by the company's board of directors earlier this month.

While Xfire is primarily an in-game instant messaging program, it also offers some Xbox Live-like features, such as friends lists and chat options. However, the earnings call did not specify how many of these would be integrated into a PS3 version of Xfire, or how large a role Xfire might play in the system's PlayStation Network Platform.

[UPDATE] The plot thickened late on Tuesday, when Sony Computer Entertainment America gave 1up this statement. "We can confirm that Sony Online Entertainment is in talks with Viacom and Xfire for a single, specific PS3 game. However, there are no announcements at this time regarding any discussions between SCEA, Viacom and Xfire," a rep reportedly said.

Sony Online Entertainment's Chris Kramer went one step further, telling the site the name of the title in question. "SOE has been in talks with Xfire about potentially including some of their technology in Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, our PlayStation 3 launch title," he said. "This proposed deal is completely separate and independent from the PlayStation Network Platform, and is something that SOE was examining specifically for Dark Kingdom. More information on Xfire and Dark Kingdom will be coming soon."

For his part, Xfire CEO Mike Cassidy flatly denied the service would be the backbone of Sony's answer to Xbox Live, as some had speculated. "Xfire is not part of the PlayStation Network Platform. We are in discussions with Sony Online Entertainment, but I cannot comment any further," he reportedly said.

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Way to outsource Sony!! That is what happens when you run out of time.

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i won't care unless its well integrated. It's good to see that Sony isn't sitting idle on some of their promises, anyway.

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Good news for the PS3 =O ! The horror of it all. Seriously, great for all online PS3 users.

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Quote: donmohsin "Xbox lovers are suddenly gettin scared" I'm a proud 360 owner. I've got nothing to be "scared" about. Heck, I'm happy for PS3 gamers because they'll finally get a taste of some of the online features they've been missing out on. If anything, this puts pressure on MS to innovate and improve Live so I'll get more bang for my buck. In the end, we all win.

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JustinLive05 is a perfect example of how rabid 360 fanboys can get. Very sad isn't it? I love how every time it comes to graphics in games they bring up the ones using Unreal Engine 3. I can't wait to see what people are going to say when PS3 games start using this engine more often for future games. What can you say really after the graphics surpass anything the 360 could produce and runs a hell of a lot smoother?

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I love xfire (tgammet)! This sounds more like a separate network though. Doubt you'd be able to send messages between the PC players and PS3 players. You never know though. Of course without making it standard for the PSNP it's still up to developers to support it. Which at this point would probably only be games made by Viacom subsidiaries.

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I have Xfire. It sucks, honestly. The in-game messaging isn't that well done, and me and my friends constantly get disconnected or can't read each other's messages. About the only thing that was cool is that you can start up a game someone else is in and join it through Xfire, but I can already do that on Xbox Live. This doesn't make the PS3 any more appealing to me. SF

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While this is good news for the ps3, I'm curious to see how well intigrated it is in the system and within games. Microsoft did an amazing job on 360 integrating the guide but and friend message pop-ups in game. Hopefully it goes as well for ps3

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that system sucks. And what happen to gamespy. man more confusing every day.

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Wonder what features they will keep. Texting people on a console is out so voice but does PS3 come with a headset? Also will you be able to connect to the PC user base of Xfire. If so that would be great. Will have to wait and see but Xfire is a great product so probable will be great for PS3.

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thats great

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thats awesome

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i dont care

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Xfire is probably going to be custom made for the PS3 and it won't be a mere copy of the PC version. I'm pretty sure it'll do fine :]

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I noticed Untold Legends was listed as a compatible game on the XFire website.

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cool and kudos to Sony!

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Great another format Sony tries to force on you. Can't I have cross platform built into theOS, and then let game publishers decide if their game is cross platform, ala Vista and Live Anywhere.

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Xbox lovers are suddenly gettin scared

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Xfire is good it's supported by a lot of people I used it for a while but stopped but still good news. :)

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Nice, xfire is great

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Never used XFire but it sounds like good news for future PS3 owners that Sony is making an effort to compete with Xbox Live with these features. Gotta see the final product before forming an opinion.

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This is the first good news I've heard about PS3 in months. Xfire is an excellent IM client for gamers on the PC.

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i love xfire, so this is good

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ownage! i use xfire for my pc and i think its a really good service

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Hahaha ps3 is teh ownzer!!!

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Not a bad move at all. Xfire seems popular amongst it's PC fanbase.

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Very nice. Haha look at the xbox fans getting all worried.

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Maybe you do not like Xfire but it is pretty good. Plus maybe using this could mean there could be games that let you play against people on a PC that being because the PS3 allows mouse and keyboard support. This could even be a little part of it there could even be more to come. So hold on and do not say this is bad.

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X-Fire is garbage. If this is all sony has to throw out there against Xbox Live the Xbox Live has already won.

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Still not bettter than Xbox Live

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This is anything but bad news for the PS3 :D

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Great, I bet Xfire is going to start charging to use their service... -.-;