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Viacom responds to Activision lawsuit

The media giant accuses Activision of using the courts to renegotiate the 1998 Star Trek game license, which has cost the publisher $11 million so far.


Stating that it is "disappointed" with Activision following a five-year "fruitful collaboration," Viacom has denied Activision's allegations that the media company wasn't doing enough to support the Star Trek franchise. The dispute over Star Trek's recent and future growth is the basis of Activision's announcement yesterday that it has terminated its Star Trek game license and filed a lawsuit. Viacom pointed to the 14 Star Trek-themed products released since 1998 as proof of the deal's success and asserted that the Star Trek franchise continues to enjoy widespread popularity. Viacom suggested that "Activision appears to be trying to use the courts in an effort to renegotiate a deal it made in 1998 to secure the rights to the valued Star Trek franchise for interactive games."

Activision has confirmed that the recent legal moves mean that the publisher has no plans to develop more Star Trek games. A Bloomberg report on the subject has revealed that, of the $20 million in licensing royalties scheduled to be paid over 10 years, Activision has already paid Viacom $11 million as a part of the agreement. Viacom has earned an additional $10 million from the deal from Activision stock warrants granted in the deal.

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