Veteran 2K Writer Quits AAA Business

Walt Williams worked on Spec Ops: The Line, BioShock 2, Mafia II, Evolve, and Civilization: Beyond Earth.

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Veteran 2K Games writer Walt Williams, whose credits include Mafia II, BioShock 2, The Darkness II, and Spec Ops: The Line, is leaving the company. After nine years with the studio, he has decided to "roll the dice" and "try something new," he announced in a series of tweets.

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"Working at 2K has been one of the most trying, difficult, and mind-blowingly wonderful experiences of my life," Williams said. He explained that he's not leaving games entirely, but rather AAA game development. "Not because I don't love it--I totally do. I just want to try something new," he said.

Don't expect to hear about Williams' next project anytime soon, he cautioned. Williams teased, however, that he is getting into book writing, too.

"I hope you'll stick with me, because I have so many wonderful stories to tell you," he said.

Williams' final two titles for 2K were Evolve (February 2015) and Civilization: Beyond Earth (October 2014). Evolve is a 4v1 monster-hunting game developed by the creators of Left 4 Dead, while Civilization: Beyond Earth is the latest title in Sid Meier's popular strategy series.

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