Very Rare NES Game Sells For Huge Price

That's a lot of money.


One of the rarest games out there, Stadium Events for Nintendo Entertainment System, has sold at auction for a huge price. According to to Kotaku, the rare game went for $41,977, but it wasn't a traditional auction.

The seller of the sealed Stadium Events copy intended to sell the game on eBay, but the person who won the auction reportedly didn't pay. The seller then connected with a "serious buyer," who paid the enormous sum to acquire the ultra-rare game.

Stadium Events, which saw a very limited release in 1987 and was paired with the short-lived Family Fun Fitness pad, is considered one of the first exercise games. It's incredibly rare on its own, and the fact that this one is factory-sealed certainly added to the appeal.

The identities of the seller and buyer have not been disclosed.

In 2015, a sealed copy of Stadium Events sold for $35,100, while an auction in 2010 saw a sealed copy sold for $41,300 according to Kotaku.

Who has copies of Stadium Events? The seller involved in the aforementioned 2015 auction told GameSpot that they worked for Nintendo and acquired it that way. After hearing about how much the game was worthy, they decided to sell.

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