Very Nice--Borat 2 Is Out, Here's How To Watch It Right Now

The politically charged sequel is out now on Amazon Prime.


The long-awaited Borat sequel has released early. The Sacha Baron Cohen film, which is officially called Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, is available right now on Amazon Prime.

Subscribers can watch the film right now, and it premiered ahead of schedule on October 22. It wasn't actually supposed to release until a few hours later. Great success!

The political movie debuted just as the second and final US presidential debate kicked off. The film takes aim at Trump and his team, along with numerous other conservative figures. The most notable of these was former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.

GameSpot's Borat 2 review scored the movie an 8/10.

"If you liked the original Borat when it became a phenomenon almost 15 years ago, but are pretty sure it wouldn't hold up to modern standards of political correctness and general decency--and rightly so--you might be pleasantly surprised by Borat 2's timeliness, focus, and more wholesome sensibilities," reviewer Michael Rougeau said.

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