Venom's Walmart Home Release Gets Radical '80s Throwback Commercial

"Let's eat his liver, Eddie!"


There's just something satisfying about toy commercials from the '80s. A couple of kids are actually playing with the product being sold and shouting out one-liners while some wicked guitar riff plays in the background. Well, Walmart has tapped into nostalgia to promote its exclusive home release for the movie.

Walmart has an exclusive Venom home release you may want to pick up--which is on sale now. The pack comes with a Blu-ray, DVD, and digital code for the movie, along with an '80s-style action figure. To celebrate the release, Sony released a commercial for the set that channels the inner-awesomeness of '80s toy commercials, which you can check out below.

The Venom home release includes behind-the-scenes production footage, Easter eggs, and deleted scenes--including an extended mid-credit sequence. Despite the fact the movie was a critical flop, Venom made over $800 million in the box office, worldwide. And while it has yet to be confirmed, we could be getting a Venom sequel in 2020. Sony has plenty more movies planned based on Spider-Man secondary characters, including the vampire movie Morbius, which will star Jared Leto.

The Walmart exclusive Blu-ray/DVD/action figure combo pack of Venom is available today for $28. Check with your local retailer at Walmart to see if they have it available.

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