Venezuelan government takes issue with Mercenaries 2

Pandemic's upcoming guns-for-hire game draws fire from politicos for its portrayal of country; claims game is propaganda.


For most, games are a pleasant time-wasting diversion, an interactive mini-vacation from life's daily grind. For others, they are nothing but a way for governments to plant seeds into the minds of citizens in order to indoctrinate an imperialist attitude.

The others, in this case, are certain lawmakers in Venezuela, who the Associated Press reports are furiously opposed to a new shooter from Pandemic Studios. The game is Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, currently in development for the PlayStation 3.

In the game, players drop into Venezuela to help settle an oil dispute, take on "a power hungry tyrant," and blow up lots and lots of stuff. Though Mercenaries 2 is based on a fictional scenario, the plot is "realistic enough to believe that it could actually happen," a Pandemic rep told the AP.

Supporters of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, an outspoken critic of American policy, are not amused. "[Mercenaries 2] sends a message to Americans: You have a danger next door, here in Latin America, and action must be taken," said lawmaker Gabriela Ramirez. "It's a justification for an imperialist aggression." Ramirez also said that Mercenaries 2 could be banned from the country by laws intended to protect children from violent games.

Chavez isn't actually in the game, but those loyal to him believe the game intends to mar his image and that of the country by portraying it as a war-torn battle zone mired in chaos.

"I think the US government knows how to prepare campaigns of psychological terror so they can make things happen later," said Venezuelan congressman Ismael Garcia.

This isn't the first time game designers' pursuit of realistic situations has angered a foreign government. Ubisoft's Ghost Recon 2 was called "propaganda" by a government-run newspaper in North Korea. "This may be just a game to them now," the article read, "but a war will not be a game for them later. In war, they will only face miserable defeat and gruesome deaths." Ubisoft's development went on as planned, and North Korea eventually banned the game.

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What about Glorious Mission, Chinese game where US soldiers are enemies. Americans have raised a fuss about it. Probably will be banned in USA or just ignored like Vietnamese PC game 7554 where you fight against French troops. Americans are hypocrites and all US pc games are about killing someone and pure political propaganda.

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It's extrange to see how a Dictator thinks US goverment control the media alike him

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haha wow whatever happened to american freedoms people, its just a game

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depicting a war torn country has he even seen it its looks gorgeous and i see no war torn nothing all i see is trees and flowers and crystal blue waters (that is till i get my hands on it) but it really depicts it as a pretty beautiful place

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I live here in Venezuela too and i just can't wait to kill this power hungry tyrant (Hugo Chavez). Freedom of speech is about to end here because of this moron... God bless you Pandemic Studios.

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Good! I hope to kill LOTS and LOTS of my new enemy in this game. I never wanted a ps3 untuil i read this. I hope that after this game comes out Venezuela and Chavez get bombed by a non American country and wiped off the face of the earth. Why do they have to ruin our fun b/c they dont understand what ENTERTAINMENT means. Merenaries 2: Chavez in Tears!

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waiting to kill the tyrant of my country in this game thanks to EA

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I live in venezuela and chavez is "a power hungry tyrant ". We don't have freedom of speech and he's doing whatever he wants. I'm not against the release of the game because they're fifhting against the corruption of the goverment.

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BlueDevil Good to see that freedom of speech & expression is alive and well in Venezuela. -------------------------------------------- Well if that wasn't sarcasm I can update you: Chavez is closing RCTV tomorrow sunday may 27 2007, so much for freedom of speech

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Chavez is a dumbass, I live here, and my most deared wish is to get out of this sinking ship called venezuela.

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its a game company don't pblame the whole country

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"[Mercenaries 2] sends a message to Americans: You have a danger next door, here in Latin America, and action must be taken," Honestly, the Mexicans are a threat to the U.S. There are more people coming into the country from there than there are people born here. It's kind of scary. Now, I have nothing against immigrants, and I even have a friend who is coming here for college, but when the country is close to having them become the majority, it is easy to think of them as a threat.

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"Response: It's gotta take place somewhere." It could take place in Antarctica. I always knew those penguins were up to no good.

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Response: It's gotta take place somewhere.

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If they really want to be controversial, they could set it in Iraq. What is that country but a bunch of different groups fighting for reasons that aren't entirely clear? And instead of the Russian Mafia selling weapons to everyone, it could just be the U.S. Sounds pretty accurate. And everyone thought the GTA series was controversial...

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As this kind of claim is expected from Hugo Chavez, I'm not a bit surprised by this. I know for a fact that Hugo Chavez is usually the source of all jokes among the Mexican-American community, so we frequently like to make fun of the bastard. it's funny that the Venezuelan government already got their panties in a bunch about one game, which shows how paranoid they are. No offense to the Venezuelan people, I don't hate any of you, just Hugo Chavez (or should I say Mrs. Castro). so here's to Chavez, the troll of Latin America...

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Anyone who played the first Mercenaries is aware of the fact that all of the sides in it are somewhat morally reprehensible. The CIA-linked guy is kind of a sleaze really, so if it was meant to be propaganda favorable to the U.S. they did a pretty poor job... Really though, they probably should have set the game in Canada with some plot line about a bootleg Maple Syrup cartel. (That will mean more to regular Hotspot listeners.) ; )

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Good to see that freedom of speech & expression is alive and well in Venezuela.

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they can ban the game it will only make you look worst it's like when oliver cromwell shut down all the thereters in the united kingdom and banned mince pies but it came back in elleven years

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Chavez should eat a chode

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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! what next? a game where you get to fight iraqi militants will be "anti islamic"? hugo is a bad, bad man, a power hungry bastard thats half a step from being a dictator, whats wrong with living out the fantasy about choking him (in a video game, for now).

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Actually, Chavez has done much to help his people, unlike the United States' companies that exploit the land and peoples' lives for their monetary gain. He actually has shown an interest in aiding the United States' citizens (such as giving away free gasoline to the citizens of New York.) He is in a dangerous position opposing American foreign policy as other charismatic leaders like him had "mysteriously" died in "accidents." Shame, that.

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Oh, that rascally Chavez. It's not like he's the root of the problem. The perception of the USA around the world just isn't good right now. It's trendy to be anti-American now, regardless of the party in charge. Imperialist pigs, empire-building dogs, infidel refuse, etc. Seriously, it's getting old.

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We should ban the n64's Bio-Freaks (how obscure?) because it depicts America in an unkind way!

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Ah Chavez.... The reason this game takes place in Venuzuela... is YOU! Your a funny guy... In a crazy sort of way.

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they have the right to feel somewaht "offended" by the game. it's their country after all, and people around the world (if there is people that stupid) may play the game and think "OMG, Venezuela is a dangerous country!". and Chavez... he is indeed a funny guy!

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That Chavez is a funny guy .. he talks big, he is a borderline dictator. He's a small fish in a big pond and has a need to compensate for it by talking trash to everyone.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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propaganda? please. the government didn't sponsor the game. if it had, then maybe it could be construed as propaganda. since that's not the case, i'm going to have to pull the "grow up" card on the chavez regime. it's called fiction. plenty of popular media have portrayed the U.S. as a bully or a hegemon, and you don't see lawmakers in America whining about how "Syriana" makes the U.S. look like a trigger-happy bureaucracy (though the U.S. isn't doing anything currently to help its own image in that regard). Besides, American legislators are too busy trying to prove that violent video games and music turn perfectly normal children into killers (also ridiculous in my opinion). Chavez is only angry because he can't "silence" contrary opinions if they're all the way up in Los Angeles.

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Seriously, I'm south american, and I totally agree with the game developers. Hugo Chavez is almost a Dictator, and he's no only screwing his own country, but also taking a few others with him. He'll either be deposed by a coup d'etat, or reing for decades like Castro, and turn our neighbor country, Venezuela, into a wasteland. That man is evil and manipulative, forging a false sense of nationalism with the fires of alarmism and psychological terror.

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Venezualan dudes... It's only a game. I wouldn't midn if Portugal was the "evil country" in a game. I would even apreciate if someone would come to free us from our current government! :P

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hey, texasgoldrush, where the f**k do you live?

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my god he just wont shut his trap

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Obviously you guys havent read the synopis of the game - "the president" (aka Chavz) gets kicked out and is replaced with a bad guy that threatens the world oil supply. -- But, About Chavez - he is the voice of the voiceless for the poor of Venezuela, so what if he is an ally of Castro - we're not in the cold war anymore retards! The thing is, he threatens to screw with the CIA's access to their cocaine shipments into the U.S. (Dark Alliance by Gary Webb). And besides the fact that he hates bush - as do 65% of the American people, and those americans who don't like a facist running a democracy.......

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Maybe they're just P.O.'d because it's too close to being like the real situation now.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Wow, Hugo Chavez thinks that the US uses games to tell people that a nation is bad. No, we would just say that he has WMD’s and drop one on him. Hugo, meet me over at camera three. Thank you, now…STOP BEING RETARTED AND STOP RUNNING YOU NATION INTO THE GROUND! I hate people like you that think the US is evil. They open their big mouths and say they can take us on. Go read what happened in Libya and rethink your words.

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What an overreaction. It's just a game, it can't do any harm. The only way it could do so is from people like that flaring up about it. Lighten up, the game'll be a blast and everyone will be happy.

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What kind of cr** is this? I know that communist and socialists are idiots, but why do they seem to think that they can tell everyone what to do? I mean, THESE ARE F***ING VIDEOGAMES!!!! Who cares if it could happen, if the communists and socialists want to whine and complain about how more and more people are finding out the truth about socialism and communism, they can just jump off a cliff.

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Jeez, politicians need to get a life. It's only a game! Can't wait for it to be released. Blowing up things is fun. :-)

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It's just a game for crying out loud! Once again, a popular video game is facing people just griping and groaning for no apparent reason.

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pero que vamos a hacer??? que no hemos hecho para sacar a ese guevon!!!! yo creo que hay que aceptarlo, pueden pasar 2 cosas, o vivimos y morimos con el hasta siempre (porque nunca perderá en elecciones), o nos morimos todos incendiados por la ignorancia e inexperiencia de los trabajadores de pdvsa, que cada dia conllevan a mas y mas accidentes que de un momento a todos, va a ser mayor y que Dios no lo permita, y nos quemamos todos. Entonces, habiendo dicho esto.. ¿cómo podemos sacar a chavez? firmamos una carta en (la voy a hacer ahora), chavez y el gobierno son como la horda en world of warcraft, pocos pero organizados, y los opositores somos la alianza, la mayoria pero cada quien por su lado... nunca ganamos nada!!!! FUERA MALDITO CHAVEZ!!!!! =@

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Above all else, this is just a m...f.... game!!! And we all agree is a great one. I am from Mexico, a quiet country to international eyes, but for the real observers, is a time bomb, our president candidate Lopez Obrador is a close friend of Hugo Chavez, and the situation after the elections is a very hot one. But here in Mexico, the "panist" (PAN, the leader party) government keeps people at peace whit it's great tool, Televisa. And the government sponsors piracy of all kind, music, movies, video games, for only one thing, for the people to stay at home and don't ask questions nor stir up trouble. So that's why I think that Mercs 2 is going to be available at all the little stores in Mexico, (illegal copies, of course), so people play it, and see that the situation at Venezuela is critical, and what might happened if some leader wants to start up a revolution or an uprising, America coming to invade this country, kill al the followers, and finally, this leader. Just remember fellows, America is at the top of everything, and when you are on the top, the only way you have left, is to go down. This is just a game review, not a political critic. I'm going to have some CIA killers at my door tomorrow night :D

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Why not set this game in Cuba?; I think it would be more funny!!

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If any of you guys dont like Hugo Chavez... well, its allright, but dont lose the real subject about the american games... and dont bring your political frustations in the forum, is pathetic. Do you want United States control your country?? well, cowards are in anywhere... No sean tan cobardes, los pueblos son independientes... si hay un descontento en un gobierno dictatorial siempre se dan las consecuencias revolucionarias para derrocarlo. Ahora, hay ese descontento para derrocarlo??? será que no hay suficiente descontento y por ello algunos venezolanos quieren que otros invadan??? No jodan pues, arreglen sus problemas y no vengan hacer propaganda basura que no sirve de nada.

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Benitox, I know that Duque definition of Chavez popularity is not the best so read this one instead: To really understand the situation you most live in Venezuela, 65% of the population of Venezuela is poor, the 70% of that people is a follower of Chavez, in the past, goverments taked advantage of this people ignorance by saying hollows promises and stealing a great amount of money making poverty increase in the following years, well Chavez does the same thing only that he abuse of total power, he controls all goverments powers(Congress, ministers, POLICE and MILITARY) so if you are in a protest that is against of one of his many useless decisions(getting cuban doctors to put them in hospitals, when are many doctors that graduated in Venezuela that need the job, many of them end working as taxi drivers, NONSENSE!!!), not the police the military(with the help of armed Chavez extreme followers)attacks as if your were going to destroy the parlament (??), that is abuse and intolerance my friend , in Venezuela are no rights for those that retract Chavez. You not get a decent job, there is no security in the streets because the police is corrupt, even getting your ID and Passport is a f****** problem because you voted the other way and they delay this documents because is you have a opportunity to work in other country they will make sure that you lose that window, nice ehh. People not follow him because he gives them a plate of food, that is truth to some very poor people, they follow him because he gives them something that they never have before 'recognition', is like the american president was a black or latino dude, that would make a reaction to the afro-american or latino population not you think, well this case is that Chavez grow up in a poor family, he knows the hard time that this people has to live with, he talks to nation in a language that people of low resorces understand, like a father(not that formal/protocol way), he signs songs and recite poems that are of are folcklore, so you see he is saying to them that they have a guy of the club that is the boss, so they will follow him even when he is the richest m***** f***** of the nation and are starving to death, they will just blame another dude(a minister or company) of their situation, and even the not so ignorant people that is with him will rather see Chavez for president that a well prepared, college-graduated, succesfull guy because he do not represent them. To all does VENEZUELANS that are welcoming a US invasion, shame on you, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!, do you think that i would like my house destroy, inocent people dead because a bombing strike that by bad luck one of does bomb hit my family, never, is you people want Chavez out so badly fight for it, not wait that the US solve yours problems , THINK OF THE CONSECUENCES !!! FUERA ESE GUEVON MARICON, MALDITO MAMAHUEVO OJALA QUE TE PASE UN KARMA SEVERO

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Of course is a propaganda. All games from US have that element... like command and conquer, mercenaries, ghost recon... and more and more... and recently a new game from internet allow you to kill inmigrants. Thats not surprise, only because Hugo Chavez said it. All know the influence of the games in the youth and the influence propanganda from the US army. But the thing is... IS NOT SURPRISE! ALL PEOPLE KNOW THAT! THE GAMES AND THE U.S. PROPAGANDA! I think the countries have the right to forbid some games offenseve to their goverment. Any body saw a game against US?? in any game can you kill american soldiers instead north korean soldiers?? I want to play a game where the player is a guerrilla from vietnam and you have to kill american soldiers... or where the player is a guerrilla from irak and you have to kill american soldiers... is that fair? OF COURSE!

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I would looove to see the U.S. Army invading my country Venezuela and kicking out Chavez!!! that'd be awesome. BUT then, the president Bush might take over the oil.. and that isn't nice. APART from the game, if U.S. want to invade venezuela, be my guest, kill chavez and then LEAVE, don't take the oil and let us continue our lives peacefully. I know it's just a game, but i hope it happens in the nearly future =)