Velvet Assassin strikes gold

Southpeak Games finishes up World War II stealth action game for Xbox 360 and PC, set to ship April 30.


In a predictable feat of alchemy, Velvet has turned gold. Southpeak Games today confirmed that development has wrapped up on its PC and Xbox 360 World War II stealth shooter Velvet Assassin, and the game will begin shipping to retailers April 30.

This Nazi went pale in a hurry.
This Nazi went pale in a hurry.

Velvet Assassin centers on the exploits of British special operative Violette Szabo, who was executed by the Germans after running a string of covert operations that were a thorn in the side of the Third Reich. Running with a surrealist aesthetic, the game plays out through the heroine's subconscious and features stylized artwork and combat sequences.

Much like its premise, the game's path to completion has been anything but straightforward. Originally announced as a PC game by developer Replay Studios in July 2006, the game's original title was Sabotage. Gamecock Media Group signed on to publish the title the following year and then changed the name in part to avoid confusion with Pandemic Studios' upcoming Saboteur.

At the time, Gamecock took a parting shot at the competition, saying the game's new name, Velvet Assassin, was "less trite, overused, and generic." The game underwent still more turbulence last October when Gamecock was acquired by Southpeak.

For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Velvet Assassin.

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