Vega$ Tycoon cashes in

The American version of Vega$: Make it Big will start dropping into retail slots shortly.


Global Star, Take-Two's budget-game subsidiary, is hoping to cash in on the tycoon game craze with Vega$ Tycoon, which shipped to stores today.

Released in Europe as "Vega$: Make it Big," the Empire-developed PC simulation puts players in the loafers of an aspiring Las Vegas casino boss who must grapple with the gaming industry's challenges. Rated "T" for Teen, the $19..99 game costs a lot less than your average gambling excursion, and has the following features:

  • Broad management control allows players to fully customize the inside and outside of their resorts.
  • Gamers can view their fully 3D casino in a number of ways, from panoramic views to interior detail.
  • Build attractions to draw in guests including hotels, casinos, bars, clubs, rides and stage shows.
  • Manage an establishment that can cater up to 5000 hard to please guests, each with their own agendas, desires and budgets.
  • More than 20 distinct guest types ranging from freeloading cheapskates to snobby high-rollers.
  • Customizable game play that allows players to adjust goals, competition strength and difficulty level.

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