VBlank to Develop Console Software

Motley crew from ten developers and publishers form new console software developer, VBlank.


VBlank recently announced its foray into the console software development arena with a team crafted from developers and publishers such as Accolade, Activision, Data East, Namco, Philips Media, Psygnosis, Sega, Segasoft, Sony, and 989. Although the company hasn't announced any products by name, executive producer Jason Weesner told GameSpot News that VBlank's first game will ship by the holiday season, 2001, and will be a third-person adventure/horror title for one of the next, next-gen consoles.

The company will have representatives at the coming E3 show, but will not being showing products at this time. VBlank's game(s) are in the preproduction stage, so the company will be there mainly to attempt to strike deals with prospective publishers.

VBlank's games will target a mature audience and core gamers. Weesner said, "We also feel that it is our duty to help the industry move forward by sharing our knowledge and experience and by mentoring a new generation of developers. As developers, we're just as excited to be breaking into development as the consumers are to get their hands on the next-generation consoles. We want to make games that people are excited to hear about, play, and walk away from and tell their other friends about."

GameSpot News asked Weesner what it's like starting a new development company in the midst of so many shifts and changes in the industry due to company consolidations and the emerging console technologies. "It's tough," he said. "Sophisticated players are going to expect ever-increasing technology. Not only do we have to simply do more work now than ever, but we have to learn faster because technologies that were irrelevant or out of reach on last year's console are considered baseline this year. Honestly, this is what the business is all about, and we're excited to be a part of it."

We'll have more on VBlank and its products in the coming months. For now, check out the web site to the right.

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