Vanishing Point Ships

Acclaim has sent its Dreamcast racing game to retailers.


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Acclaim has announced that Vanishing Point for the Sega Dreamcast has been shipped to retailers. Vanishing Point will be the first Acclaim game to use its Netspine technology. In the game, players can post their top scores online and compete in virtual tournaments. Additionally, the game features eight tracks, more than 30 licensed vehicles, a stunt driver mode, and a league-style multiplayer mode for up to eight people.

"Vanishing Point is a unique racer,'' said Evan Stein, brand director at Acclaim Entertainment. "The physics have been very realistically modeled, so you aren't just going to jump into an Aston Martin and expect it to respond like a Volkswagen Beetle. Each vehicle takes practice to master, and for those who relish this sort of in-depth challenge, there's a ton of replay and gameplay value in Vanishing Point. It also has the first-ever stunt modes featuring licensed cars."

Vanishing Point was developed by Clockwork Games.

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