Vandal Hearts, MGS PSP bundle, 50%-off sale hit PSN

PlayStation Store Update: Konami's latest tactical RPG joined by Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops 3-for-1 bundle; 12 downloadable titles including Braid, Uno temporarily half off.

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Sony today belatedly celebrated the arrival of 2010 by launching a "10 for '10 Game Sale" on the PlayStation Store. Although the promotion was billed as cutting prices in half for 10 specific downloadable PlayStation 3 and PSP games, Sony has curiously included 12 games in the "10 for '10" promotion.

Mr. Vandal Heart here couldn't find a helmet big enough for that noggin.
Mr. Vandal Heart here couldn't find a helmet big enough for that noggin.

Among the discount dozen are the PS3 games Braid ($7.49), Zen Pinball ($4.99), Critter Crunch ($3.49), Burn Zombie Burn ($4.99), Tank Battles ($3.49), and Uno ($3.99). On the portable side, gamers can now obtain Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign ($4.99), Crystal Defenders ($3.99), Thexder Neo ($4.99), Creature Defense ($3.99), and Kurulin Fusion ($2.49) for half their original asking prices. According to Sony, the deals are set to end January 27.

As for newly available content in the week's PlayStation Store update, the biggest new release is Konami's strategy role-playing game revival Vandal Hearts: Flame of Judgment. A prequel to the two original PlayStation installments in the Vandal Hearts series, Flame of Judgment dispenses chunks of the series' backstory in between turn-based tactical battles on two dozen different maps. Like its just-released Xbox 360 counterpart, Vandal Hearts: Flame of Judgment is available on the PS3 for $14.99.

On the handheld front, Sony has added three more options to the PSP side of the store. First off, gamers can now get all three previously available Metal Gear offerings--Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus, and the Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel--in one bundle for $29.99. DJ Max Fever is also making its downloadable debut, as PM Studios' rhythm game from last year spins onto the PlayStation Store with a $19.99 price tag attached. Those looking for something a little newer can consider Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance for $29.99, an enhanced edition of Xseed Games' critically panned 2008 PSP RPG.

A full list of the week's deals and new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, and add-on content, is available on the official PlayStation Blog.

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At least you have a PSN. Here in Brazil even a Playstation Store we have...

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bah.. europe's psn hasn't even got final fantasy 8 yet :(

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Braid should stay half off.

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I downloaded Crystal Defenders when I saw it on the PSN today thinking it was on sale for half price it was the PS3 version. I found out too late I downloaded the PSP version. And it sure isn't a PSP Mini yet. Least one that can play on the PS3 with the new update yet.

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@ sirbobislost. ff8 is already on psn :p

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Am I the only one here who would rather pay, say 25 bucks for an actual copy of Vandal hearts 3, rather than 15 for a digital download. Probably so.

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That price drop for Braid makes it look appealing now. $15 was way too high. Someone's obviously buying these Valhalla Knights games because despite bad reviews, the company keeps making them, which means they must be profiting off of them. Two for PSP, one for Wii, and now it's got a downloadable entry. Hmm. Players fooled into thinking a bad game is good, or reviewers being wrong (as GS is consistently wrong about the Monster Hunter series)? Who's to say...

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.....still no ff8 come on Sony pull your finger out yeah Im used to getting my games months after japan but since when did America get more important then europe? I'm still pretty annoyed by our lack demon souls.....

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Critically planned with a link to a 3.5 review? Burn!

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i picked up vandal heart as soon as it appeared on psn last night. i just wish sega would remake shining force3 for psn.

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Decent update, grabbed Crystal Defenders for myself at such a low price. I'm stll kind of waiting for the big overhaul of all the UMD games being brought on for digital download (ie. Crisis Core). In a perfect world, companies would cater to all their consumers...

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loved the original 2 vandal hearts... now definitely enjoying the new one.

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new Vandal Hearts is so awesome

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After Christmas, Steam had Braid on sale for just $2.50.

Avatar image for Rottenwood

The original Vandal Hearts was such fun. A solid turn-based RPG where guys would explode into hilarious geysers of blood when you killed 'em. Good stuff.

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@ruperttrooper US and UK updates are usually different. The update for the US store is usually much better. We don't even have FFVIII yet. If you want to see what the UK got this week, check out the link below.. << LINK REMOVED >> I bought the discounted Smash Cars. Quite good for £6.

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I'm not holding out on this new Valhalla Knights game being any better than the original. Hell, I don't expect it to be any GOOD...but hey. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, right?

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Is this the same for the UK PSN store?

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alot of psn games should be 80% off everyday of the year. psn has the worst arcade games out of the 3 imo

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i have to admit i had Zen Pinball all wrong. I bought it thinking i was going to play it for a night, kinda like Pain, but i have been playing it almost everyday for the last couple of months. Braid of course is a keeper. Vandal Hearts, i think i'll pass.

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Good price for Braid, don't really care for the rest.

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Tank Battles? What is that? Gamespot, you don't have that one in your games database.... All the other games are apparently mediocre or worse. Except for Braid, but I already got that one. Nice "sale" Sony. No, really.

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Braid & Zen Pinball? Why yes. Thank you.

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Picked up Braid right away and Im sure I'll pick up Critter Crunch later in the week. Good deals for sure wish this happened more often.

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yeah they need to run "steam style" sales more often! I would buy so many more downloadable games if they did.

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I'll probably download Braid... Even though I have too many other games to play at the moment, and not to mention Heavy Rain releases next month!

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Sounds like some good pricing.

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ya arcade games should be cheaper like this all the time haha, i was really hoping to see fat princess price lowered. but hopefully i can get one of these!

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@punanisher I got a copy right here bro haha. Seriously though I'm lucky. That game is really hard to come by without paying a fortune. I wish you luck.

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ALL PSN and LIVE prices needs to go down.

Avatar image for punanisher

Please gimme Xenogears. My discs got scratched like 8 years ago and I wanna play that game again sooooo bad.

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Braid has just been purchased!

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I bought Zen Pinball, I'll probably get several items from the deal.

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Oh crap! Those are crazy deals.

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I'm definitely going to pick up Vandal Hearts. Suikoden and Vandal Hearts were two excellent series on the PS1 by Konami.